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Joined: 09 July 2017
Posts: 5
14 May 2018 10:50 pm

My mate who i prospect with has a GP 3500, he also has an array of coils.

To help him out id love to jag a GP expert who can yell out some base line settings etc for the coils. (Am aware it will change on ground condition etc).


17" mono nugget finder
11" DD minelab
11" elite mono
8" mono minelab

Running a super sound DETacc signal enhancer.

Really just after some rough ideas of which coil is most suitable for general prospecting vs cleaning up a patch and any must knows with each coils settings.

Even would like to know any settings he could possibly be mucking up making the machine very noisy.

Thanks in advance


Joined: 26 July 2015
Posts: 2,851
14 May 2018 11:02 pm

Welcome to the forum , maybe your "mate" should join too , its a great spot to learn thumbsup .

Wish in one hand and poo in the other , See which one fills up first !


Joined: 09 July 2017
Posts: 5
14 May 2018 11:28 pm

Haha no this is a genuine "a mate" story!! I can verify that with my other posts trying to work my GPZ out lol

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old hand
From: golden triangle
Joined: 26 July 2014
Posts: 1,272
15 May 2018 09:57 am

Just use the 11 dd to start of with it may take some time to get the detector running good but just stick with the dd ,after a few weeks try switching it into mono mode you must work slow regards john thumbsup

golden triangle

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Joined: 09 July 2013
Posts: 104
15 May 2018 12:17 pm

My old girl nerver ran a mono worth shite !
Found most of my 35 gold with a dd commander 11 inch ?


Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
Joined: 29 May 2014
Posts: 1,762
Phase Technical
15 May 2018 11:02 pm

11" DD
Coil switch DD
Soil - Sensitive
Boost - Deep
Tracking - medium
Signal, Volume, Tone all on 3 o'clock

That should get him going and will find small targets and handle the ground well.

Agent for Minelab, Nugget Finder, Nokta & Makro, Quest, Detech, SteelPhase - Phase Technical Website

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Joined: 09 July 2017
Posts: 5
16 May 2018 11:22 pm

Thanks Nenad, just got the recon headphones arrive from you today so looking forward to given them a go this weekend.

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Joined: 02 October 2016
Posts: 11
18 May 2018 08:23 pm

Also run detector in all metal mode unless in trashy areas with a double d coil. Pays to do a tune before you start each morning, ref to owners manual if unsure how to do a tune.

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