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From: Manly, NSW
Joined: 29 May 2014
Posts: 37
12 October 2017 03:40 pm

Ok so noob here, be patient smile

This fossicking thing seems to be 90% detective work and 10% actually in the field....

I'm trying to work out where to go (my Wife is great at that, it usually begins with "F" and isn't fossicking)...

On my screen is (a) Natmaps, (b) MinView and (c) State Forrests permitting fossicking.

To find spots where Gold has been found *and* it's on a State Forrest with permitted Fossicking I have to flip between MinView (show layer where gold has been found). Once I have the gold icon and it's in an area I can get to, then flip between State Forrest maps and eyeball ones where they're the same location as the Minview gold icon.

Soooo...MinView shows "Prosser's Reef" as a previous Gold bearing Reef and it's within NSW Clandulla State Forest - permitted Fossicking...print out PDF of Clandulla SF and draw coordinates from MinView....then pile into 4WD (with State Forest fossicking permit in hand) and that's it?

Is this how others work? Any criticism or comments to help me along?

Cheers guys

Garrett ATX


From: Wyoming, NSW
Joined: 21 February 2016
Posts: 575
12 October 2017 04:17 pm


That is the way to do it.
Make sure it is definitely SF and you have a permit.


ML SDC2300, Pans

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