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Joined: 16 January 2017
Posts: 69
05 July 2019 05:13 pm

Often asked which machine is better, if it is depth and sensitivity then in my experience the Pro wins. Under all conditions and targets, the Pro wins. Raw depth and power, the Pro wins. No ifs, not buts. Add ease of ground balance, the option of hip mounting, battery life, sweep speed.. Again the Pro wins.
So why do I have both? The SL is an excellent beginners machine, it is quiet and easy to operate, under all conditions if running in Low. It has decent depth and is an honest performer. It has a smooth threshold unlike the Pro, it is even more resistance to EMI and it is nicely balanced and light, perfect for kids or the elderly. Air travel is a realistic option due to the battery pack, ie No lithium etc. That smooth threshold deserves another mention since it is a thing of beauty on the SL. I use the SL for parks, sports fields, places you would normally use a VLF machine. It works well and goes deep enough. It is a stealth PI since it looks like a VLF, doesn't upset onlookers etc.

My advice since I've been asked is go for a second hand Pro over a new or used SL or SPP. Build a couple new battery packs and you are good to go. The Whites machines are superb beach machines and competent nugget hunters. If you only want to prospect then Minelab wins, no arguments. The Whites are more versatile in my experience, given the High, All and Low conductivity modes. So if you want a machines for coins, relics, the beach and the goldfields then the Pro is my recommendation. A clean used machine is an excellent value and very capable.

Serious prospectors are well served by Minelab, for those of us who do it all, Whites had a decent performing Pulse Induction machine that is very versatile and affordable. It can disc iron and I can set it up for the beach to cover lots of ground and clean up. No hair pins or hooks at a foot plus for me. The ability to get decent depth, some ability to reject iron is something the Tdi series machines do well and makes it a real winner on the beach.., parks, and the goldfields.

My opinions, since I was asked.

All the best,

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Joined: 20 May 2019
Posts: 36
10 July 2019 06:36 pm

Excellent unbiased comparison. Been using a Pro for a number of years and always been curious about the SL. It seems to have a lot of devoted users. Food for thought. thumbsup

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