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From: Goulburn, NSW
Joined: 27 January 2013
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20 July 2018 10:35 am

It has been in the same family since being bought for £70 in 1959, and is expected to sell for more than $300,000. … 2ec28e27db

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The Scrounger
Joined: 09 April 2018
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20 July 2018 10:58 am

Holey Smokes Batman - that is some kind of interest party

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From: Esperance, WA
Joined: 25 June 2017
Posts: 1,677
20 July 2018 11:02 am

it would be nice to find something like that


From: Goulburn, NSW
Joined: 27 January 2013
Posts: 3,189
20 July 2018 11:44 am

Someone dug one up while detecting in Hill End with an X-Terra 705, back in 2010.

Here is a post from another forum by a bloke who was selling detectors and stuff and Miner's Den at the time...

"He then ignored the advice of locals at Hill End (NSW) who told him there was too much junk about.... and commenced detecting for further nuggets in a gully outside of the town. He detected a strong signal near a tree which he then dug. The target looked like a large, heavy washer. It was encrusted with dark soil and had a blackish surface. He rubbed some of the soil away to reveal the details of a coin with a hole through the center. One side had crushed impact on it. He took the coin home and (as they sometimes do) bathed it in a mild acid bath and then an ultrasonic cleaner... which revealed a stunningly BRIGHT, solid silver 'HOLEY DOLLAR'. He as since secured the coin for its safety and is preparing for a more formal appraisal but the offers from the few coin dealers who handled it were ... uh ... astronomical. To give some perspective, out of nearly 80,000 Holey Dollar coins.... there are just over 350 of these coins in circulation today. Collectors in the past have paid up to a half a million dollars for such coins although it is rare to find them without wear. Tens of thousands is the minimum that they usually sell for. To quote Australian Stamp: "The rarity of the Holey dollar ensures that whenever a new specimen is discovered, even if it is in relatively poor condition, it can be extremely valuable." Fine specimens of this coinage had a minimum value of $100,000 ten years ago,

Detector = X-Terra 705 Gold.
Coil = 18.75khz DD HF 10x5" Elliptical.
Depth = 200mm.
Target ID = 27.
Date of the coin was 1788.
Date of the colony stamp was '1813'.
The words 'New South Wales' were sharp and clearly visible on the inner stamp ring.

Now the owner/finder has permitted me to pass on these details to the detecting community but chose not to allow photogaphs to be taken of the item under advice from the coin dealers and auction houses. But he brought the coin to me today and I can say that it was VERY impressive to see such a large, thick coin in such amazingly well preserved condition.

But here's the kicker: Though he didn't recognize it at first, I immediately saw that the crushed impact area on one side of the coin was clearly the impact of a pick-strike and a hard one at that. It did not go through or deform the coin but it was a jagged impact against the soft, pure Silver. The acid had cleaned away all the tarnish and even the impact hole was sharply detailed. So some lucky prospector before him had likely struck this coin when detecting... and struck it hard with the pick (the soil at Hill End can be compacted and firm)... before throwing it away and discarding it altogether.

I have suggested that the finder show Minelab or write to Gold Gem & Treasure magazine so perhaps we will see more. I would dearly have loved to have photographed it but I have to respect his wishes. It was an impressive sight to behold and i did not expect it to look so beautiful after so many years.

High banker, sluice, pans sieves &etc. Makro Multi Kruzer, Deteknix Xpointer Pro. NAPFA member.

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From: Bathurst, NSW
Joined: 08 April 2015
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20 July 2018 04:04 pm

It would be so nice to see a good condition dump with it, although dumps were circulated so much their condition is always poorer, would be great to see it complete though.

I have held both a holey dollar and dump in my hands as a kid, never really knew the significance at the time (they belonged to a friend of the family).

On a side note, I did own (and possibly still do) 3 square Kookaburra pennies also having no clue of their worth or significance at the age I received them other than they were odd. I lost track of them and have no clue as to where to start looking for them without raising the suspicion of money hungry relatives!! They were individually wrapped in felt and put on top of a pile of coins in a tall Log Cabin tobacco tin and forgot about for years. No clue of their whereabouts now cry

If they turn up they will be more than welcome, but at the same time hard to part with as they belonged to my grandfather.

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