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mxt sniper
Joined: 20 June 2013
Posts: 83
07 February 2017 11:07 am

Tesoro released a new coin/jewelry detector today, maybe a Compadre with more bells/whistles? Maybe a new circuit. Seems to have fast recovery, there are several videos on youtube about the machine already. … index.html

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From: Mount Gambier
Joined: 07 November 2013
Posts: 7,011
08 February 2017 03:27 am

It would probably be a good little detector to own for casual coin shooting if pricing weren't an issue here, though I think you will find there will be little interest in Oz on single tone units - unless you are a diehard Tesoro fan. Seems to address the issue of no sensitivity control on the Compadre, addition of hi/lo mineralisation setting, plus making the coils interchangeable (and new coil).

Until Tesoro get their act together both on pricing and distribution, they will continue to lose current users as well as fail to attract any new users here.

As an example, the Compadre retails abroad for $189us, whereas it is sold here for over $450au, hence I could imagine the Mojave selling here for over $600 - no thanks.

That leaves bringing one in via a postage provider as the best and cheapest option.

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