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Joined: 11 September 2014
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24 March 2019 09:22 pm

I've been on leave for the past week and caught up on some jobs at home but also managed 3 trips out in the boat, first trip was out to Westernport with the wife and granddaughter in search of Whiting last Sunday 17th. We only managed some small flatties but the granddaughter had a ball and kept me busy re-baiting lines, she caught her first Pinky Snapper and the smile on her face says it all (there's a tiny snapper in the towel somewhere lol).
Also beached the boat at Sandy Point and stretched the legs for half hour, great day on the water.

Then last Wednesday we had a 2m skip dropped off at home to get rid of some concrete from the old shed slab, the bloke who dropped the skip off told us of a good Gummy hot spot in Westernport that he guaranteed we would get a Gummy, we planned to head out on Friday 22nd early but due to the Easterly winds we decided to launch from Mornington instead as the Easterly's would be an off shore, we hit the water at 5am and managed a couple of small Gummies (released), 4 Banjo's (released), 1 Eagle Ray (released), plenty of flatties (kept 3) and a 34cm Pinky (kept for dinner) so overall a good morning session, back in by 11am.

Today we had planned to get out to the Westernport mark we were told about but also decided at 2am to head for Mornington again, we sounded around for a good 1.5 hours then eventually saw a couple of marks on the bottom in 19m so anchored up wind at 5am, got the berley trail going and things were very quiet, just as the light started to show at 7:10am one of the rods buckled over, whole pillie on snelled 5/0 circle hooks hit their target and we were on.
Well, fish was on but it had the same dead weight as the Banjo's from Friday only this had more weight, I called it for a bigger Banjo due to the lack of fight.
When it got to the surface I said to Trace "you better get the net" and she did a great job of netting the Gummy head first, right at that moment the Gummy decided to wake up and all hell broke loose, it flipped out of the net but luckily in the boat and it was on!!
Get me the club I was yelling while trying to stop it destroying everything in the boat, can't believe how much it came to life once out of the water.
Not a big Gummy by any stretch but it's been 33 years since I've caught a good Gummy like this and it's given me my fishing mojo back so hopefully will get a few more trips in before the cold sets in.
Fresh Gummy for dinner with salad tonight was mouth watering, packing the camper this arvo for 6 days camping on the banks of the Murray at Strathmerton tomorrow and have 3 parcels of Gummy cryovaced in the fridge for the trip, yum yum drooling

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24 March 2019 09:26 pm

very nice gummy, lots of flesh on a shark that size.

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24 March 2019 09:33 pm

Well done Pete, always wanted to get one but the big one got away in the Tarwin Lower River, Took all the line and the some more by snapping my stainless Snapper hook and so won the fight, priceless memories...Great photo's thanks for sharing thumbsup

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Joined: 16 October 2018
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25 March 2019 03:20 pm

Well done Pete nice gummy mate. I got this one on Saturday at Port Welshpool along with a big elephant shark , a big tailor and bagged out on salmon was a great weekends fishing looking forward to getting back down there for Easter with the family .
Cheers Booney.1553487329_9042b3d1-7c2d-497b-a5b2-e9c4b91cf7f4.jpg1553487481_9a4d20e4-1a66-4694-b639-f1c8efb4b8d5.jpg

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Joined: 30 August 2017
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25 March 2019 05:43 pm

Hey gravity. I fish the inverloch area also. Did you see the big guy that got away? Just asking because there are mulloway in the area that get pretty big.
Nice fish there lads thumbsup makes me jealous

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RM Outback
Joined: 10 March 2016
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25 March 2019 06:35 pm

Gummies drooling best fish in the water (apart from tinned Tuna) it's the only fish I'll eat. Don't get me wrong I love a good hook up thumbsup just don't really like the taste of fish, fresh or salt.

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