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Joined: 27 December 2021
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27 December 2021 07:25 pm

Hi there just wondering what I need to do to get started on beach detecting


Joined: 19 December 2013
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28 December 2021 12:45 am

Gunna need a detecter for sure big_smile

One that can see through salt water would be best

Numbers & depth for recognition

Water proof if you want to go deep

A waterproof pin pointer

A long shafted sand digger (good for bad backs)

A bum bag for finds(one that won't dump your fonds accidentally

Don't show anyone your good finds(just the crappy ones from cleaning up the beach)..... so you don't get mugged in the car park(or someone claiming what you found was theirs when it's not.

But being helpful when it's real is good.

Never met a mug at the beach yet though myself, but good to be aware anyways. Always good to find an owner for things
whenever and wherever possible.

You have hot sand and cold water over there(and seaweeds or kelp with seals) so be careful and enjoy.


What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".

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