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From: Hobart, TAS
Joined: 18 November 2013
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15 November 2015 12:12 pm

I think it's a good dual-purpose beginner detector, but if you're mostly into gold, you'll probably be wanting to upgrade to a better, PI detector not too far off. Depends how much time you'll be using it, and what size the gold is wherever you are.

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Joined: 12 November 2015
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15 November 2015 01:23 pm

Ok thanks I'm in Warwick QLD

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From: Maitland, NSW
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15 November 2015 03:01 pm

Jay44 wrote:

Do you think the AT Gold is a good beggining detector I am considering getting one?

Hi JaY.

You might consider asking your question in a new topic so it will get more attention. My 2 cents. The At gold is a good beginner detector but the technology is a few years old and there are probably better machines for similar money. I am no expert either.

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From: Bendigo, VIC
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23 October 2016 07:19 pm

I have had mine now for a while and have about 10 hours on it. I have not found gold yet with it but I'm a newbie so still finding my way. I am used to its sounds now and have been digging up a lot of junk. Today I got my first piece of lead shot at around 3 inches. Cant be any more than half a gram. Seems to pick up my small test piece nugget ok so will persist. Its clearly not as good as some of the PI's though.


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27 June 2018 07:13 pm

Hey all has anyone every taken the AT GOLD to the golf fields and found gold... I have taken mine but it is very noisy.

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From: Brisbane
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13 November 2021 01:26 pm

Took the AT Gold out this morning, and success. I have longish grass in the backyard and have had the ride on in for some work. Got the mower back yesterday but couldn't find the locking pin for the catcher. Retraced my steps, searched the shed high and low, no of it anywhere. Maybe I dropped it when dismantling the catcher base. Took the tector out and within a minute found the pin. I bought this detector , 5 years ago and apart from putting it together, buying a bag and some accessories, this is the FIRST time it has been used. Well, I am wrapped. Went for a walk around the clothesline and I have a bit of digging to do on a few targets, so wish me luck.

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13 November 2021 01:46 pm

Yep it's a great hobby alright. Comes in handy when you drop something, or it can give you peace, nature, exercise, history, geography & geology lessons all at the same time, and occasionally you get to find some amazing and valuable things.

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