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Joined: 28 February 2021
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28 February 2021 03:19 pm

Hi guys...

First time posting here, so go easy on me? smile

I own a 200ha lease around Kal, it's my first lease and I've had it for a couple of years now...
The original 4 year term is ending, and I have submitted an application for the 4 year extension.

Being that I've never gone through the extension process, I'm a little concerned about getting denied. The office accepted my application, but of course it then gets sent to Perth for processing & approval...I gave them 3 'reasons for extension' as they require on the application, but I don't know whether I gave them enough.

Anyone here know much about the process, and I guess maybe an idea of success rates with approvals?

To give a little background; I understand they look at your history of owning the tenement, and I do have a couple of 'blemishes', such as one time i forgot to submit my form 5, got fined and had to file a restoration...I've always met my expenditure requirements and paid rent/rates, but I'm concerned about just how much scrutiny they use when approving an extension.

Any advice would be great...
Thanks in advance

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From: North East , VIC
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28 February 2021 04:16 pm

Hi Serenity. Eastener Question, Whats a Form 5 ?


RM Outback
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28 February 2021 04:24 pm

G'day mate welcome to PA have you put your question to APLA I'm pretty sure if you're a member they'll offer their knowledge and possibly support. Other than that I don't have a clue, in Victoria.

Good luck beer

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From: Perth, WA
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28 February 2021 06:58 pm

I think renewal is normally a 'tick and flick' exercise if you've submitted paperwork, fully paid your fees, etc. The only complication would be if you've been plainted by somebody else who wants to take the lease over, in which case you could be asked to attend an adjudication hearing with the warden, for him to determine whether the counterclaim has merit. If you've heard nothing of this sort, you should be fine.

And thanks for doing the right thing, incidentally. WA's mining licensing systems are streets ahead of the other states, with small-scale miners still having a chance here and it's the actions of people like yourself that help to keep it that way.

Where it is, there it is.

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From: WA
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22 October 2021 10:55 am

What was the outcome? Did you get to extend for another 4 years?