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12 October 2021 02:17 pm

Air filter, especially in the west and up north, is vital to keep clean, they clog up very quickly.
Blow it out regularly.

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12 October 2021 02:23 pm

One of the issues with them is,
cranks but will not start.
Check fuel, Spark Compression etc.
If all of the above are present,
(Will not have spark on starting with starter button.)
Carefully dismantle the start button assy and clean then
linnish off flat using 1400 wet and dry. Use something
like Innox as a wetting agent.

There are 4 contacts and 2 of them stop working due
to the PCB warping.

I bought one for $300.00 once because it would not start.

Sold it a month later for $2000.00. cool

Wish I kept it.

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