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Joined: 03 March 2018
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20 June 2021 11:11 am

Up for Sale is a Minelab Sd2000

Has Had Barrie Johnson Mods done to it is in good condition for its age only used it twice before adding another machine to my collection so now needs to go
Pickup Colac Vic but can also meet around Ballarat or Smythesdale when i am heading that way next.
Comes With 12v Battery System regulated Down to 7.2v 12v Car Charger,Backpack Koss Headphones and i think 11" DD coil


Minelab SDC2300,Minelab Equinox 800,Minelab GP3500


From: Bonny Hills, NSW
Joined: 28 June 2021
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29 June 2021 02:01 pm

Hi are the SD 2000 any good for Nuggets and small specks , Also what depth will it go to.

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29 June 2021 04:34 pm

G'day Gypsyd.

If you're looking for a detector to get you started at an entry price then this is a good start, especially since it has already been modified.

I bought mine in 2014 just to see how I went and modified it soon after. It will go just as deep as a GPX given the right conditions. You shouldn't
have any problem using it in the Victorian goldfields except you might find it hard to use in some areas depending on the mineralisation.

It is a PI detector and as such it is very capable of finding larger nuggets and tiny specks. I used the Minelab 8" Commander mono coil almost exclusively for more than 12 months and found many pieces about 0.08 gram. The largest piece I found with it was 13 grams. I did run my detector at approx. 7 volts. I had a set up of a 12 volt battery with a voltage regulator attached and set the voltage to 7 volts. Some use it higher but I never did.

As it is already modified you can be sure you have the best capabilities this detector can go to. I set mine up with a Coiltek 14" Elite mono coil which worked well with it, but the ground was not hot. There were some areas where I couldn't get the machine to settle due to the mineralisation so just had to move elsewhere.

For gold prospecting always go for the PI machine over the VLF one.

One thing you will need to keep in mind is that this is a very old detector and Minelab will not repair it. If anything goes wrong with it your only hope for repair as far as I know is Mick the Mechanic who is situated in Dunolly now.

I hope this helps you make your mind up.

Regards Axtyr.

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