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25 May 2021 10:53 am

Well I'll be Flocced!

Interesting article in Australian mining magazine...

Credit to Professor Anthony Williams-Jones of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and PhD student Duncan McLeish … rade-gold/

'As the concentration of gold in hot water is very low, very large volumes of fluid need to flow through the cracks in the Earth’s crust to deposit mineable concentrations of gold,” the team explained.

“This process would require millions of years to fill a single centimetre-wide crack with gold, whereas these cracks typically seal in days, months or years.”

“Using a powerful electron microscope to observe particles in thin slices of rock, we discovered that bonanza gold deposits form from a fluid much like milk.”

The researchers said gold colloids found in the hot water of the Earth’s crust act like milk in the way they “flocculate” to form a jelly when their charge breaks down.

Once flocculated, the jelly-like gold becomes trapped between cracks in the rocks to form the ultra high-grade, highly valuable deposits which mining companies hope to discover.

An understanding of this phenomenon had never been realised before, until Williams-Jones and McLeish made the discovery.

“We produced the first evidence for gold-colloid formation and flocculation in nature, and the first images of small veins of gold-colloid particles and their flocculated aggregates at the nano-scale,” they said.


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25 May 2021 11:23 am

Great article. thumbsup

The Fosterville mine has the highest grade in the world with 42.4 grams per tonne at the time of the report. That is an amazing yield!

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