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13 May 2021 09:32 am

Just to add to the first aid kit thread, who has been bitten bitten by a snake or spider?
care to share your experience?

I have been bitten by a red back and a brown widow spider.

The red back when I was 16 yo, the brown widow around 2014/15.(in my late 40's at the time.

The brown widow - quite common here in the Darwin area. like out door furniture, dark places, like letter boxes or pool pump areas. looks like a red back , but brown. Still has a red stripe on its back. Web makes it easy to identify, has a spikey egg sack, will post some pics later.

BW got me on the way to work one morning. Checked the letter box, felt a scratch on my wrist, bit of pain, but not terrible. Thought it was a bit of tin or a screw that i rubbed up against.
Later in the morning, it became terribly itchy. I noticed that it had a red ring around it, and small blisters were forming. It was also quite wet, like it was weeping.
By lunch time it had started to swell, and was really painful to touch, and by 7pm it was like a half golf ball size and really painful.

by 9pm it I felt like I had a really bad hangover, and after a vomit, took myself off to the hospital.
The doctor informed me I had shingles.
, which i thought was just plain wrong. He wrote me a script for anti biotics, which i ignored.
Next morning, I felt much better, but the lump was still there, and it was painful to touch, and was rock hard.
I checked the letter box again, as I was waiting for a letter. It was then, i remembered the scratch the day before. I opened it and had a good look, and found the web and egg sacks. thats when i knew.
I went to my GP and he told me it was just an infection, not a spider bite. I was convinced it was a brown widow bite, and consulted Dr Google, who pretty much agreed with me.
The pain stopped later that day, but the lump remained for about 2 weeks and a red scab at the bite site lasted a little longer. … AdAAAAABAD … AdAAAAABAK

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13 May 2021 02:32 pm

Some people got a scare yesterday on there walk close to me


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