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Joined: 08 January 2021
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14 April 2021 08:55 pm

anybody have preferred brand etc looking at dd leather ones


From: On the road, NSW
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14 April 2021 09:40 pm

Have a quick look here mate … p?id=18909

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From: Adelaide
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14 April 2021 11:49 pm

I’m happy with my DD canvas gaiters.... they are quality made and pretty tough. Haven’t had the bite test yet luckily argh
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Joined: 28 July 2020
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15 April 2021 08:14 am

I don’t trust canvas. I use these:

Keeps me snake bite free in the summer and warm in the winter if I want smile

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Joined: 08 January 2021
Posts: 51
15 April 2021 09:14 pm

thanks for info ,country looks good up there only spent 1/2day prospecting got 1/2 dozen bits i make story up in the next few days nice and green up there , weather was perfect mozzies were bit friendly play with my drone trying to get it ready for wa

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Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
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Phase Technical
15 April 2021 09:16 pm

I like the Canvas DD ones. Canvas is the only thing that doesn't cause my legs to sweat. I use the wider fit ones and wear them pretty loose.

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From: Inglewood Fault, QLD
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16 April 2021 06:50 pm

I also use the canvas DD ones - mine are 2 layer 16oz canvas, not sure all are double layer.

I have given the fronts a spray with a clear acrylic laquer to seal the threads so cobblers pegs,bindies & other seeds dont stick to them, not that they really stick to the canvas material anyway, but the hem can get full of them... but not anymore.

I detect on a number of properties and the owners woud be seriously upset if I was spreading weed seed so I try & do the right thing.

Also makes dust & mud wash off them much easier & I suspect helps the snakeproofing.

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