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Joined: 28 March 2021
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09 April 2021 05:21 pm

Hi all
I have been out MD with my tiger blade however it’s not digging the best plugs for park hunts.
What kind of digging tool do you use?
Do you have to sharpen them up often ?

Any advise or tips would be good - these are local park hunts so I need to work on neat and tidy plugs.

Many thanks



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09 April 2021 05:24 pm

Have a look at GreenHornet posts in DIY projects.


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What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".


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09 April 2021 08:34 pm

I dont post on Youtube, so is there anyway to post a video up on the forum ??

Two weeks ago we were camping at Mannum, there were hacks everywhere from someone Detecting (not us).
Damaged grass, dying and dead grass.
Clearly a mattock in use.

We detect infront of City Council parks staff, and they have no issues with us, in fact happy and hoping we find something cool.

So I would like to show our techniques and how we deal with 'plugs', rather than 'hacks' with a mattock.

8 Years ago when we found that a Detecting Club used a park area near us for an annual Christmas Hunt, they salted the area with pennies by using a mattock,
encouraged the recovery of those coins by use of a mattock, and still later recovered un-found coins using a Detector and MATTOCK.

These were older experienced guys, and I watched them doing this from about 6 feet away, at that time I did not know better but thought it was a destructive practice.
Kato and I experimented with different methods, determined to not do visible damage and preserve the soil and root structure.

Soft soils with grass, we either slit the ground and find the item with a pinpointer, or we use a 'plug digger' method for deep targets, with a square hole only.
The square hole is for plug orientation, and a keyway to hold it in the ground should a mower go over it.
Most round plugs by nature are shaped like a cone so can move/slip under foot or wheel of a mower.
Both these methods have been successful at preserving the integrity of the plug sod and grass roots, and easy to replace/repair, we often cant locate them a few minutes later.

Dry hard soils with grass, we dont dig into usually, particularly if the target is deep, we mark it and wait for winter rains.
However if it is clearly a surface target we will do the screw driver method using the point of our hand diggers, sort of like slitting the grass but no deeper than 50mm.

Dry hard or compacted soils, not in pathway or clearly not an issue to disturb because it is off the general public use area, we will dig with tools
BUT we are careful to fill the "small hole" and compact the soil as best we can to leave it level and unseen.

Unfortunately at Mannum the buggers didnt even fill their holes in dry dirt, pretty sad. roll
We went around and repaired their damage as we could find it.

How do I get videos up please ?

Plug digger template - … p?id=19869


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Still looking for Captain Feather-swords treasure chest !
Won't be long now - 3310+ holes and STILL counting. (bloody ring-pulls and pull-tabs) LOL

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09 April 2021 09:52 pm

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for your advise
I have been giving up on targets because I didn’t want to make much mess and haven’t mastered the art of the perfect plug.
Ie the pin pointer couldn’t pick it up the target and after one or two digs with the tiger blade I couldn’t find it - cover the whole back up neat

I did see one hack today - someone using a towel for any extra soil they dig that isn’t in the plug - then they funnel the soil back into the whole and put the plug back in - looked like a neat trick for a perfect lawn !!!

Will try all your tips and tricks tomorrow
All the best


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10 April 2021 08:33 pm

I use a hori hori knife, japanese digging tool that does lovely neat cuts & plugs

Equip: Magnet on a piece of string!

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11 April 2021 11:43 am

I have both a Tyger Cub and Blade, never use them anymore for the reason you described, I made a Plugger Digger that Greenhornet posted, great digger and cuts very neat holes. A hori hori knife is very sharp and has a nice blade for cutting discreet holes for manicured parks.

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From: Adelaide
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17 April 2021 02:46 pm

This pro in America has some words of wisdom at the back end of this video....I’m a subscriber to his Youtube channel... he knows his stuff thumbsup

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06 July 2021 04:31 pm

I really like my tyger stainless steel digger. I keep it sharp with a bench grinder and have no issues


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29 October 2021 03:27 pm

Found this at Bunnings , under 10 bucks with a lifetime guarantee , have not used it yet, seems ideal for small holes? trophy 1635481633_img20211029133922_medium.jpg

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29 October 2021 03:58 pm

Looks the business i must get a couple. Thanks for the headsup.