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31 March 2021 02:53 pm


I've been scouring these forums lately as I've decided it's finally time for me to begin fossicking. My great-grandparents used to travel all over Australia to fossick and over their lifetime amassed a beautiful collection of faceted gems which unfortunately were stolen when my house was robbed a few years ago. I've been meaning to give fossicking a go in their honour and to try rebuild some their collection. From my research I'll likely be unable to recreate the vividly coloured and crystal clear gems from their collection fossicking in Victoria, but it's where I'm going to start (it's about the attempt as much as anything!).

I'm thinking of taking my friends down from Melbourne to my grandparent's farm just out of Lakes Entrance for a week and doing some day trips to fossick/prospect. I haven't seen a lot of information regarding fossicking or prospecting in East Gippsland, besides Bullumwall and north of there. I wanted to see if anyone had any information or experience Buchan or Orbost way as it's a little more accessible for me.

I would thought Buchan in particular would be a hotspot given their famous caves and the crystal formations in them, but I know nothing of geology. I understand these things can be closely guarded, but I would be grateful if anyone has any information about the area. I am aware the main rivers in and around Buchan (Buchan, Murrindal and Snowy) are exempt, but am more than happy to beat through a bit of bush to find some hidden creeks. Am I wasting my time even considering this area? If anything, what can I expect to find?



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31 March 2021 04:10 pm

No gem stones here but when my brother and I started fossicking in the mid 70's we started out with a tiny little book called something like Gemstones of SE Qld or something like that. It came with pages of hand drawn mudmaps and took us out through Stanthorpe and northern NSW. You local library of visitors centre in most likely the best place to start. Look for really old prints that were produced before books were just produced for profit.

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31 March 2021 04:47 pm

Common opal, W-Tree north of Buchan. Agate around Stratford in I think the Avon or Wellington River. Jasper around Nowa Nowa. I seem to recall agates in the Mitchell River from just south of to just north of Tabberabbera. There are also agates in Freestone Crekk around Briagolong.

Birch and Henryi os excellent, lots of good maps and specimen photos. … -victoria/

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31 March 2021 05:38 pm

Got a few good fossils from Buchan, no idea about gemstones though sorry, but Goldie has given you a headstart.