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Joined: 28 March 2021
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29 March 2021 08:15 pm

Hi all
Just wondering if you could help me to know what the basic numbers to look out for with the simplex for coins ( current and older ) this might help me a little with my hunts - I’m a beginner

Many thanks

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From: Adelaide
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29 March 2021 10:20 pm

Hi Lisa, if you’re after current spendables $1 and $2 coins ring up around 67-68... 50c around 45-50.
Best thing is to lay a selection of targets on some clear ground and run your Simplex over them and familiarise yourself with the target ID numbers and tones you hear.
Even mix up some ferrous targets amongst some coins and see if you can hear the higher tones amongst the ‘gruntier’ iron sounds.
Once you learn how to distinguish between the scratchy sounds of junky targets and those crisp, solid sounds that a coin or uniform target makes, you’re on your way.
I learned a lot from watching this guy on Youtube. … HJBi668G3i

GPX5000..2Evo’s...Whites SPP...Makro Multi Kruzer... ProFind pointer.

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