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22 February 2021 09:49 pm



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22 February 2021 09:50 pm

Bjay wrote:

The stakes and mandrels came from a school about ten years ago.

lol You guys have made me remember our Sheetmetal teacher Mr White, or "Whitey" as we called him behind his back in the mid 70's. A grumpy 50 something lard ball whose jolly smile would just as easily give way to a scowl as he reached for the strap to give someone the cuts. Whatever his problem was, prostate or missus at home, nobody knew, or maybe he just didn't like kids after teaching in a rough boys school for all those years.

He always came into the classroom, got his "Good Moooo-rning Mr White" from all of us in unison, and then before even marking the roll he would go over to the burners to light them- big round steel furnaces with half a dozen or so holes around each, with little ledges that the soldering iron handles would sit on while the copper would heat in the gas furnace, ready to start soldering once he had called the roll and told us all how clever he was.

Except this morning one of the kids went over and opened the gas tap as we saw him in the distance walking towards the room. Snickering with cries of "Not too much, he'll smell it!", the kid gave it a good dose of gas that must have pretty much displaced all the air in the furnace, and then he shut it off. Whitey came in, got his "Good Mooooo-rning Mr White", went straight over to the furnace and opened the gas, bent down with a match through one of the holes, and Whoooooooofff!! half a dozen long flames shot out of the holes for what seemed like seconds, one of them taking Whiteys eyebrows with it. He bellowed out an expletive, and stormed off to his office slamming the door behind him. As he did so the glass fell out of the big clock above the door and it smashed on the floor, causing us all to burst out laughing. He flew out of the office holding his strap and asked us if any of us thought it was funny. Needles to say by then we were all straight faced and we were poop ing ourselves.

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23 February 2021 07:27 am

Its amazing how many people survived metal or wood shop, we used to put the chuck key in the lathe and switch her on awful and in wood shop get the belt sander on a long extension lead , lock the trigger and turn the power point on and watch her go out through the room.

Wish in one hand and poo in the other , See which one fills up first !

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23 February 2021 01:09 pm

Or the hulk of a kid who could grab the belt of the pedestal drill and stop it , then the small kid thinking he could do the same running his fingers round the pulley.....

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