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From: The Bush, QLD
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28 January 2021 08:31 am

My computer tech told us to use a VPN then we can get any Google stuff we need as Google doesn't know where we're located provided the VPN is not an Aussie one, plugged into Nord and we can select a VPN from anywhere in the world. Seems to work, also good for security.

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From: Adelaide, SA
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28 January 2021 12:45 pm

davent wrote:

Best way to navigate in the jungle at night, is not to! Don’t move at night in proper jungle,, it’s not worth the effort, waste of time.
I would like a gps that is based on google earth or google maps, I don’t know much about hand heads, can you down load google earth to a gps?
I really want a waterproof one as well.

I agree Davent, however, when you have someone with more "cocky crap" on his shoulders saying "You Will....." one loses the freedom of choice, jungle or not, lolol....

To answer your Q re Google earth. Yes and No. smile

No = I don't know of any dedicated handheld GPS that will accept Google Map or Satellite images. i.e. my Garmin E20.

Yes = I have a Galaxy A Tab 8 with Oziexplorer Android along with a number of calibrated Google Satellite images of some areas of the GT. The A10 has a GPS capability so I can wander around and use it as a GPS with the images. I can also copy these images to my Hema HN7 into the off road side of the device as it is built on Ozi and similar to the Android version. From what I've researched, you can't do this on the Hema HX-1. Then use these as an in car navigator.

The caveat in doing this is, you can't use Ozi Android to make these maps, only use them. To make them you need the full PC version of Ozi on laptop or PC and a little knowledge of how to. Once calibrated, I then use the Ozi utility ING2OZF, which converts the map file from .JPG, .PNG or even .TIF to .OZF4 file format (the format used by the HN7). It's also possible to join a number of them into one map file using MAPMERGE. smile

Edit PS The E20 is waterproof to 1 M for 30 minutes, the A8 is not, there is an aftermarket rainproof case available. smile

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