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From: Perth, WA
Joined: 20 October 2014
Posts: 2,642
11 November 2020 11:40 am

The PL4 should be available before the end of the year: … ent=144216

Where it is, there it is.

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Joined: 13 August 2018
Posts: 1,549
11 November 2020 02:42 pm

I like that telescoping feature with the large battery pack thumbsup

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Joined: 06 November 2017
Posts: 488
18 November 2020 10:56 pm

The accompanying software update sounds pretty awesome too. Actual working agb, wider gb range, a modes/delay change, gain improvements, and MAYBEE gb tracking. I'll be keen to get that done on the pl3 thumbsup

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From: Central West NSW
Joined: 27 January 2015
Posts: 4,598
19 November 2020 07:52 pm

Deepseeker wrote:

I like that telescoping feature with the large battery pack thumbsup

I'd be going the large battery pack for some balance if wanting to use anything bigger than 12" coils plus it'd last a long weekends detecting with the QED.
Pretty sure they're the same telescopic shafts I modified for use with a GP3500 about 5 years or so ago? Was good with smaller coils but if using anything bigger than a 12" coil I don't think you'd be swapping your Sandy Shaft for one. I actually preferred the Minelab shaft over it once I put on my DD's or 14" NF mono, which wasn't that heavy, so that says something.
The shaft segments have no locking tabs, which does allow greater length adjustment, but it felt a bit "wonky" to me with bigger coils on.
Also when packing up it didn't really save much time or space, if any. Still gotta unwind & remove the coil/cable + no lower shaft to leave attached to coils for quick changeovers. Just as easy to do that & remove the lower shaft for pack up?
Hopefully they keep the other shaft options open too?

Funny how QED are making it collapsible (like the SDC) but a lot of SDC owners would give away that ability for a lighter weight version in a traditional detector format. playful We're a weird mob us detectorists.

Some of the other things are a bit like going back to the future?
My original QED had all the electronics in the box on the handle & it was split (control box under cuff & interface module on handle) on one of the upgrades later on (as a PL2 option).
I believe the modes are returning to mode 1 starting at 7us again due to the improved ground balance making it more usable? That's about where it started originally but rarely usable from reports prior to GB upgrade?
When the AGB upgrade was announced I sent mine back anticipating that it would be a good improvement. I was underwhelmed & still preferred MGB. Hopefully they do sort it out in this upgrade - I don't think GB tracking could be viable if AGB doesn't work effectively?

Good to see ongoing upgrades/improvements still happening. thumbsup

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