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From: Inglewood Fault, QLD
Joined: 21 August 2019
Posts: 87
08 November 2020 08:40 pm

Does anyone use the largest coil on their Kruzer/Multi Kruzer/Gold Kruzer - ie the 15x14ish DD coils - KR40 or GK40 ?

If so what is their experience - How does it handle mineralisation & does it significantly improve depth or is it just for covering more ground in parks,beaches etc?

1985-2005 Garretts ADS Deepseeker x 2- now THATS a slow learner !
2017-current Whites TDI SL 16V, Sadie,TRX 2020 - 14x9 Evo,Makro Gold Kruzer, QED PL3


Joined: 05 January 2015
Posts: 275
08 November 2020 09:27 pm

I've used a 15x13" coil on both a Fors Gold and and same coil on my Red Racer, but only for beach work both Wet/Dry.
Better depth yes and definitely better coverage than the standard 11" coil. perfect

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