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Joined: 07 July 2019
Posts: 6
05 November 2019 09:45 pm

Hi everyone, I just bought the ORX for my first detector and am still working it out and loving it. Just curious how people have found it for finding gold? Having much luck?


The Metal Detective
Joined: 18 July 2020
Posts: 8
20 July 2020 06:35 am

G'day John,
If I'm correct you will have had your then new ORX
about (8 months) by now.
Im about to buy my 1st Detector also and I've been watching video clips for the past few weeks mainly all from the U.K and I'm chasing local Australian feedback on this machine mate.
Are you able to help me out in the area please
Anything you can tell me about your finds with it too date it does not matter how big or small I'm just after some good information to help in my decision to get one John.
And if not a rude question mate did you get a good deal as I've found the market place even in Australia can be so different pending where you are I have found, thanks mate.
Cheers, Dennis

Such is Life !

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