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Dave's Office
Joined: 08 June 2020
Posts: 4
29 June 2020 05:33 pm

Could an experienced user please advise me of the settings I should be using on my newly bought GPX 5000 with a 12inch round nuggetfinder evolution evolution coil. I realize every person might have different hearing but I would very much appreciate some advice. Cheers


From: GT, VIC
Joined: 09 November 2016
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29 June 2020 05:53 pm

The best way to start is default settings. Settings change for every area. No two areas are the same. Start with default then change slightly for mineralisation


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Joined: 02 October 2018
Posts: 278
30 June 2020 01:30 pm

I'd go 2 stops under factory settings. Also try putting the detector in deep, I've found lower audio helps to distinguish size of an object.
I'd stay with factory everyrhing else untill you get familiar with what's what.
The 12 inch is a great stable coil. Not much worries it and don't be afraid to try a few things later on , in a month or two.

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Joined: 16 March 2014
Posts: 178
30 June 2020 09:51 pm

Hi Dave,

It really depends on the ground you are working.

Most places in Vic will require Enhance or Fine Gold timing. To get it into Fine Gold, make sure the timing switch on the front panel is set to "Special" and that "fine gold" is selected in the rear menu. The Evo coils are really good for picking up small gold. If the ground is a bit noisy with fine gold, use Enhance.

For the Audio settings, I prefer "Quiet" as it suppresses a lot of the background EMI chatter.
Gain and stabiliser, I try and run these with the numbers as high as possible, higher stabiliser number = less stable, higher gain numbers more gain. You really need to work these 2 settings together with the conditions. Start out at factory preset and work your way from there. If you are having trouble ground balancing and getting the coil all the way to the ground, reduce gain.
If you are getting emi, use manual tune, go up or down 5~10 numbers and this normally tunes it out. You may sometimes have to go more. Do this before adjusting gain/stabiliser to reduce emi noise.

For audio tone, choose a tone range that you can hear well and are comfortable with.
Threshold, I try and set this on the edge of where noise/chatter is just starting to break through fairly constantly.

Cheers Mick

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Dave's Office
Joined: 08 June 2020
Posts: 4
01 July 2020 05:58 pm

Thanks to everyone that has replied with advice on the settings, I've only used the setup once around the Dunnolly/Tarnagulla area before the efn Covid turned up, on factory settings with earphones it was just about bursting my eardrums, and the interference was doing my head in. I can't go to WA now so I might head over to QLD and try the Warwick, Gympie, and Clermont goldfields, I definitely need to start learning how to use the detector and I can work on the settings you have given me. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers beer

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