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From: Katazone, VIC
Joined: 22 May 2014
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28 November 2018 09:20 pm

TanyaTheNewbie38 wrote:

hi is this still open or has it closed?

I'll msg him for you

Wisdom is knowing how little you know


Joined: 08 November 2018
Posts: 9
16 December 2018 04:26 pm

thank you smile


Joined: 21 October 2015
Posts: 14
29 February 2020 07:52 pm

Hunting the yellow wrote:

hi all just letting members know I run field trips over Victoria for mainly gemstones but sometimes gold as well. im thinking $5 per person is reasonable cost to cover some my costs plus knowledge/history/geology about the places I show you. you will need a car and lunch for the day. field trips run once every month to various locations over Victoria. and a minimum of 5 people to make it worthwhile

in the future I may increase the price to $10 but this will include lunch and extra things

please pm me if you have any questions


I'll be down in Victorian Gold Fields prospecting but at this time in my prospecting life, I've never set foot in those fields, what are your plans around the 6 April to 20 April, 20 is when I'm heading home. I need someone to help me get to the areas they are allowing people to prospect and where detecting may, just may, finds some small gold nuggets laying under ground for old smoky argh pickshovel

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