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Joined: 19 January 2020
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20 February 2020 07:29 pm

Nugget wrote:

Is there anyone interested in having a go at putting together some definitions to the terms listed in my first post?

Please try and keep definitions relatively short (no more than a few sentences if possible), and remember these are to be written with newcomers in mind.

This will a fairly open process, so if anyone would like to jump in and suggest a minor alteration to a definition please do so.


Count me in.
I have learned a lot from this forum and would like to contribute and help grow our collective knowledge.


Joined: 19 January 2020
Posts: 23
20 February 2020 07:34 pm

mushmouse wrote:

Here is some home made terminology smile

A measurement of time. How long it takes that leech that has been hanging around all morning to latch onto your arm the moment you start working a crevice in still water.

The warm and fuzzy feeling one has for their equipment when you check the tailings in the catch pan..and find no gold loss.

toolettes syndrome
A verbal expulsion of profanities when you realise you have left your shovel at home/back at the river.

Self-convincing belief that you will remember to avoid stepping on that wobbly boulder that put you in the creek, ..only to do it again 5 minutes later...

a phenonomen that occurs when you have a lunch break and are suddenly surrounded by a hundred skinks

Waterproof outerwear that becomes heavier through the day when you realise that home made patch job just didnt quite take.

You know you should puddle the solid grey stuff for its possible gold bearing contents -but you can't be bothered. Too clazy.

The internal anxiety one feels as you drive to your favorite spot, praying no-one else has set up camp first.

Taking 'one of a kind' rocks home only to realise that you have 324 other 'one of a kind' rocks that are identical

Fair dinkum hilarious and brilliant!


Joined: 19 January 2020
Posts: 23
20 February 2020 07:47 pm

Heatho wrote:

Fugget: When you detect a target, dig it it up and realise that it's not gold and you say "aarrgghh fugget".

In the everyday vernacular, the word "fugget" could have many application's and variations!

Fugget, I'm staying home and not going out there.

Question: 'Where did you find that nugget?"
Answer: ' I Fugget!"

Fugget, I'm not staying home!

When you KNOW it's trash and you're going to dig it any way :"Fugget, I know you are trash but let's dig you out anyway!"

I'll keep workingon the word and see what eventuates