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Joined: 28 July 2014
Posts: 293
12 February 2020 02:43 pm

Hi. All. I've been doing some tests with my TDI Pro Oz using a Detech 15 x 10 mono and a Coiltec 18 x 12 Goldstalker. The reason to decide which to keep and which one to sell. What I've discovered is they are both excellent on the TDI. In fact except for a little bit deeper result with the Coiltec they both run with very similar results in regard to threshold. Personally I'd be happy with either of them. Bigger footprint with the 18" but still light enough thanks to the terrific balance the whites machines have. Still loving my TDI. smile

Oh Well!...It's not the end of the world.....That'll probably happen tomorrow!

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