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From: Melbourne
Joined: 19 January 2016
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11 February 2020 01:49 pm

Completed and powered on.
Very little UVC light output.
Stupidly, I ordered a ZWB1 filter, whereas this UVC lamp requires a ZWB3 filter sad
So, another few weeks wait until the correct filter arrives.

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From: Gold Coast, QLD
Joined: 12 April 2016
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11 February 2020 03:22 pm

Ooops BW...

That's a bright torch Sand Surfer... I think you will find the 'UV' is a 'Black Light'..... Ok on some minerals but not in the UV Spectrum...

That would be good in the bush at night tho. Lots of Fun.. big_smile

We plan to build a 'Home use' UV light first... then move into the Field Lights... They will take a bit more to get up and going... But they won't be as expensive as most that are out there...

You could always use a generator to power a home light in the Field... That would work in most areas that I know where these minerals hide... pickshovel


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sand surfer
From: bundaberg, QLD
Joined: 21 April 2016
Posts: 605
11 February 2020 04:48 pm

Thanks for that lone wolf,what have i done cry
yes it is a bright light you can see the blue light on the kitchen floor in the middle of the day smile
looks like i have got a expensive scorpion hunting torch lol
Ok i will have to wait and see what you and big wave come up with in the near future smile

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From: Melbourne
Joined: 19 January 2016
Posts: 3,855
11 February 2020 05:49 pm

Guessologist wrote:

It would be interesting to see if performance was changed at all in a meaningful way later on with the use of a fan regardless of heat issues. Some/many bulbs create ozone which strongly absorbs UV-C so it's best to vent it out if it's in there. I guess a sniff test would tell you if a lot of ozone being made.

You were quite correct Guessologist and I thank you for your input.

The lamp that I bought does have a 10% 185nm spectral omission, which creates a lot of Ozone.

These 254nm germicidal lamps come in Ozone and non-Ozone variants (the non-Ozone variants use a Chemical doping of the Quartz to suppress the 185nm emissions).

I'll start looking for a non-Ozone emitting lamp such as the Philips TUV PL-S series.

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GPX-4500 & Direction Finding Daughter

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