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Joined: 29 December 2019
Posts: 13
29 December 2019 10:22 am


Does anyone have a full list of Sydney Clubs?

I have been Googling all morning. And getting nowhere fast! argh

Most it seems were last updated in 2013, or have since shut down.

And I was reading of the oldest club in Australia on the Central Coast had to shut down after 50 years due to lack of membership!

Most of the clubs that I have found are far west and far south in Sydney.

I would be looking for something near Hornsby in the North or Manly near the city.

Does anyone have an up-to-date listing of all Sydney and NSW clubs?

Thank you


Shakey Jake
Joined: 14 August 2019
Posts: 10
08 January 2020 07:51 pm

Hi Cherub,

I have done a bit of searching but haven't found anything in Sydney either. I also checked meetup and facebook. There are a few groups on facebook but not one that I have seen that posts much about trips. If I find anything I'll let you know.


From: abbotsbury (western Sydney)
Joined: 13 December 2014
Posts: 598
09 January 2020 04:30 pm

Last I heard was a club in Parramatta but haven't heard much of them lately

Eurotek pro, minelab 305 , 705 , gp extreme and a lot of will but not enough time


Joined: 29 March 2020
Posts: 2
31 March 2020 09:24 pm

If you guys find a club, let me know!

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