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Joined: 23 October 2019
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09 December 2019 01:51 pm

Unclear areas in Settings for the ORX in Gold mode.

The reason I ask all these questions is I just completed a trip using the ORX where hot rocks\Mineralised ground made detecting any targets impossible. I followed Clegys instructions and tried many different settings but to no avail. What did work is Clegys advice to hit the Pubs. One of the biggest problems was the elliptical coil was so bump touchy. I could not get the coil anywhere near the ground when keeping the GB numbers the same.

I have Quoted the Manual and Clegys settings I mention are from: Clegy’s XP ORX Settings for Gold in Australia when the going gets a little tough in mineralised areas Link Below: … rovements/

Disc IAR. In the manual it talks about a lot, but explains nothing to do with Gold Mode.

Is Disc IAR not of any use to reduce Hot rock\Mineraliseation Noise; or can a setting of 1 or 2 help to reduce noise ? With coin modes it relates to TID numbers. What about in Gold mode is Disc IAR doing the same thing?

Manual states : It Applies only to targets that produce strong signals – typically shallow ferrous items. IAR will not reject deeper targets which may come across as ferrous when they are buried in mineralised ground, this is to ensure good targets are not rejected by mistake. Gold nuggets (buried deep in mineralised ground) generate a similar target signature to a ferrous item. So in this case, it is better to reduce the level of discrimination. Clegy makes no mention of DISC IAR use in mineralised ground.

Iron Volume : Activate / de-activate the low ferrous tone. So If I turn Iron Volume Off in Gold Mode I should only hear target noise not Iron\Ferrous targets

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From: Yeppoon
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14 December 2019 07:54 am

Hi Mate,

I'll try and shed some light on things but remember the Pub Advice, Simply there are places where VLF does it very tough. You end up having a tough day and a big night. They are Not unusable, its just a torrid time as mentioned.

Not Knowing the ground for me is the hard part so I am guessing to some degree.

If its tough, run gold 1 ts the best starting point, Fine gold is wound up a bit and Gold just calms things down a little.

Ground balance every Minute if you have to and if the hot rocks are full on, Balance right on top of them to help break up the Audio.

In tough conditions you need more than 1 thing to make a positive dig decision, Tone stops you and then refer to the TDI Number and iron probability scale, keep scratching till that number comes up, you won't be digging 300mm holes, so investigation doesn't take long. I use my boot most of the time.

You want to see a TDI Number is what I am saying, then you want to see that number somewhere between 10 and 98 at this stage there is Hope. If its 99 or starts with ZERO its getting dodgey.

If that number drops BELOW 90 or ABOVE 10 quite simply you need to dig it out, Its NON ferrous 99.9% of the time. Whether its gold or not is another story. remember Gold hunting is the only time I say to dig just about everything.

If that Number remains in the 65-90 range I normally expect Lead in the form of a Bullet. Small ones at the lower end.
If the number starts to drop into the 40's or 50;s then My heart starts a little faster. That's normally where the small gold is.

Its audio chaos, but you need to let the grey matter filter it, trust me it will and faster then you think.

Steps to calm it in order.

- Add threshold upto about 5 points to cap small false signals.
- Drop Frequency
- Drop Sensitivity but not too much.
- Use a coin program, Program 3 on High frequency and don't dig the Duck. (You'll see what I mean)
This can be very effective. Treat the machine like a High frequency coin shooter and you'll get excellent ferrous non ferrous discrimination.

Gold programs are killer on coins and coin programs are killer on Gold. Don't let the program names define your day. Mix it up a little. I often use more than 1 to make a decision to dig or not. Its like getting a second opinion.

Leave IRON ON, in gold programs its a 1 tone system so everything sounds the same, its using the iron probability scale and TDI Numbers that help you id NON dig targets in the field. You need learn them as well as the targets, so you can avoid them.

HOT Rocks suck, every know and then you'll get caught, but rarely at any depth so you get out of it pretty well.

But Hot rocks and NON ferrous targets sound different and make the detector act differently, so that's the thing you need to get used to.

Persistence and Not getting the shits also helps, if you go into a frenzy of settings changes things will not end well. Go Slow, make minor tweaks and use some test targets in the actual ground your hunting to get your head in the game.

The battle is as much Mental as it is with the ground, don't let the Hot rocks win and remember the Pub is there if you need it...... cool

Hope that helps a little.


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Joined: 23 October 2019
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14 December 2019 03:55 pm

Thx Clegy



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Joined: 06 November 2017
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19 January 2020 03:49 pm

Something that helped me with hot ground was to buy a test nugget under a gram from ebay. I always have this in my pocket to tune my ear to the tone as the tone for gold is a slightly different pitch to the hot rocks. So basically i push on thru the hot rocks tones until i think i hear a tone that is different in between, then i will dig it if its the same tone as my test gold or even a different signal that is strong

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