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From: Beechworth
Joined: 26 April 2019
Posts: 368
02 December 2019 08:43 pm

Howard has posted this on the QED Facebook group.

The QED Dealers are pleased to announce a fantastic XMAS special that is only available during December 2019.
For anybody wishing to purchase a QED during December, then you can choose a package with a Nugget Finder 17” x 13” (closed) EVO and get a free Nugget Finder 8” x 6” Sadie.
December Package Prices with the above coils
Whites “S” bend handle: $2100
Whites Tower handle : $2150
Detech handle: $2150
(+ postage if applicable)
Of course the existing packages are still available at the standard prices.

QED PL2, trim, taught and terrific!

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