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Toys and things
Joined: 02 May 2013
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Toys and things
07 October 2019 02:40 pm

Goodday peoples,

We have some new product offers and prices now listed.

CScope is making some new waves with a new detector soon available.
The CScope detectors are a great selection for beginners.
Simple and effective, affordable for sure. Made in England.
From $399. with ground balancing.

Whites has a few new product packages, the new TDI High Q is
something the prospectors might be tempted with. Awsome value.
Made in the USA. Also the Goldmaster24k is making some talk.
The Treasuremaster at $579 is a great unit.

Garrett has the Ace 300i, 400i and ATpro now packed with a pin pointer
for a little bit extra, but its good value.
Made in the USA. The ATMax is also available in a gold pack.
Garrett Detectors Start at $329.
Cheers for now.


Swing a detector, Radio control racing or flying..

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