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Joined: 10 January 2015
Posts: 18
13 August 2019 09:33 pm

Hello everyone

My question may be dumb but how do you store/keep the water you bring for camping in the desert ? I am talking of camping for several days which represents up to 100 or 200 L.

And is it necessary to store the water not to direct sun light or to add anything (chemicals or whatever) to stabilise it and avoid any growth of bacteria ?

Thanks for your help


savage bitter
Joined: 28 October 2018
Posts: 430
13 August 2019 10:32 pm

best to carry 20lt drums don't put all your water into 1 container if it fails you loose all your water and water wont go off in a few days so no chemicals needed


Joined: 28 May 2015
Posts: 105
14 August 2019 04:30 am

Chlorinated tap water in (plastic) drums kept out of direct sunlight should be okay. Think about size, 20lt is 20 kg will you or someone else need to lift it and where to i.e. up into high rear of vehicle, 10lt is easier. Drums with taps &/or provision for fitting are convenient.


Joined: 15 February 2017
Posts: 316
14 August 2019 09:32 am

I've got 150lts in water bag look up gum tree water storage it a mob in vic there all different types of of them


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