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Adrian ss
Joined: 08 December 2018
Posts: 135
07 July 2019 01:35 pm

Found this on one of the American detecting forums: Quote:

Sharing from a FB group

From Whimster regarding Tesoro:

"I spoke with a reliable friend on Sunday...the building has been sold...building was still owned by Vince's mom...some of the equipment has been far as warranty work..if you sent your card in shortly after buying a Tesoro and your machine is in for warranty repair work..Vince is still trying to finish up the warranty work on those machines...he's behind in the repairs....this could take some time.
He will not be fixing anything don't send it in..
As far as stock...Rusty bought some of the more popular detector models....pretty much gone now...the future of Vince...I'm told he is going to be teaching Math in a school 30 miles away from his hometown...."


So Tesoro is done and dusted.

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Joined: 20 May 2019
Posts: 55
08 July 2019 01:25 am

Full disclosure is sometimes the best way to go. Look at the Alvey story. They announced that they were closing down due to falling sales and increasing costs. As soon as it was made public, the fisho’s came out of the woodwork and started placing orders. Alvey had to put on extra staff to cope with demand. Latest I heard they had found an investor and the major retailers are all stocking Alvey reels again.
I believe Harley Davidson had a similar close call once apron a time.
I owned a Vaquero years ago. I regretted selling it.

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