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Nothing Great
Joined: 31 July 2018
Posts: 308
22 January 2019 10:54 am

Had a ripping couple of days at Portland fishing off the breakwater. Ended up landing 7 kings to 8 kilo.
Lost 6 but all up was very pleased. All fish released to fight another day

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steve f
Joined: 15 August 2018
Posts: 45
12 June 2019 06:15 pm

half your luck

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From: GT, VIC
Joined: 09 November 2016
Posts: 1,290
12 June 2019 06:52 pm

Gee that GPZ sure does work well in salt water smile

Having a great time searching for gold....
Machines used: SDC2300, GPX4500 and Equinox 800

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Joined: 26 February 2013
Posts: 2,608
12 June 2019 09:43 pm

Nice King's, nice spot that breakwater, got some nice snapper off there over the years

Det used - Whites 6000D, ML SD2000, ML SD 2001, ML SD 2200D, Garrett Infinium. Minelab SDC 2300. Minelab GPZ 7000.
Current Det - Garrett ASD Groundhog. . Minelab GPX 5000. Minelab GPX 4500.

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Joined: 13 August 2018
Posts: 1,215
12 June 2019 10:01 pm

Woo Hoo! That's great work mate from land thumbsup Well done

Weren't you tempted to keep just one for the frying pan?

Try hard not to offend. Try even harder not to be offended.

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