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The Green Wanderer
Joined: 18 June 2013
Posts: 659
23 March 2016 08:38 pm

Yep April 2nd, come along if you can THP. The more the merrier!

Wandering the north wherever the trail leads.


Joined: 28 December 2016
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28 December 2016 03:12 pm

My family used to own a gold mine up the top of mount peter but it was closed and classed as heritage listed. Ak Barnes and sons. It still says it one the old gold stamp up there.


Joined: 26 June 2016
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05 April 2017 07:45 am

Most libraries have got the gold and ghost book qld edition great guide for were to start they don't let u borrow it but u can sit in there and read it


Joined: 28 May 2019
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28 May 2019 10:30 pm

Is the miners den group or any group still getting together every month?
Thanks for the reading, been interesting.


Joined: 14 February 2018
Posts: 71
02 June 2019 09:22 am

TenOunce Tone wrote:

The area down Goldsborough way is pretty gnarlly, the areas where the gold was found back in the late 1800's and early 20th century are way back into the valley, they are all on private property from what I can gather from Google and IRTM. I went down there this time last year and found nothing. not even flood gold in the sand banks..

These fields were not overly productive as the majority of the field is capped in at least 20m of Basalt from the surrounding mountains and volcanic activity back in the day.

Better rewards are found other places.. As Kane says, we need to get together again..

Cheers, Tone

Back when the gate was always unlocked you could go through Trevors cane farm to the old gold mine at the base of the hills and the track that led up to the top camp. The base of the hill was covered in old mine shafts and broken quartz from them.
Panned the creek which was shallow and covered by trees and got enough to make me want to go back but the gate was locked when I tried.
Rang the farmer and was told the Goldfields were closed and to piss off.
Also the original "Gordonvale" settlement is within the cane farm boundary .

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