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From: A Wide Brown Land
Joined: 12 September 2016
Posts: 1,349
04 April 2019 04:54 pm

Ok I've been having some problems so today I turned the beast on in the back yard and waved her around for a few minutes. This is what I found.

Would this be a coin shooting program on the Deus

disc 10
sens 80
frequency 11.8
iron volume 0
reactivity 3
audio resp. 3
notch n1 1-49
n2 88-99
n3 blank

5 tones

xy screen active but I have slowed this down somehow, I think if it shows from bottom left to top right in a reasonable line without jumping around all over the place it's a good target ? If it's top left to bottom right and squiggly all over it's probably junk ?

This on my remote and titled "high trash "

cheers Keith


From: Mount Gambier
Joined: 07 November 2013
Posts: 8,163
04 April 2019 07:16 pm

Yes, the straight line should indicate a coin type target, and if jumping all over the place it should be junk or iron.

Looks like a program just for decimal coins, especially running a lower sensitivity for cherry picking shallower targets.

I see your last notch setting will knock out some larger pre-decimal coins and some silver targets, guessing that is for excluding some aluminium targets (canslaw/cans etc).

Best way to test your notching is to run a few coins under the coil to see whether they can still be heard or are partially cut out by the notch. If a coin can't be heard or the response is very scratchy, you may need to shrink down the area of rejected targets by a digit or two to fully accept the coin.

If you wish to include predecimals, then you will have to open up or get rid of that last notch to accept higher conductor coins, and bump up the sensitivity for a bit more depth. big_smile

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From: A Wide Brown Land
Joined: 12 September 2016
Posts: 1,349
05 April 2019 09:32 pm

Thanks GP thumbsup


From: Yeppoon
Joined: 29 July 2015
Posts: 349
14 April 2019 04:13 am

Hi Mate as per email My thoughts,

Deus has a pretty accurate TID so once you know what the TIDs are for each coin (spendy) its pretty easy to target them.

Chuck em on the ground and get the TID numbers down, I could tell you but its not as effective as learning them yourself, it re-enforces it if you get them by testing.

Once you know the TID's/Tones then in the field target the ones that you have seen in the practice run and you should be good. Im not a fan of notching stuff out and use the tone etc for ID's. my normal style is to dig all 80+ unless it makes the iron grunt off the side and then target Known TID Numbers and the weird ones you don't see very often.

Don't get caught up trying to make programs, learn the factory presets first then progress from there.

I think your confusing yourself, so wack it in Program 9 and don't change it until you know that program backwards.

If you learn the Deus preset programs then making the adjustments to your style is much easier.

I still make very few adjustments to the factory programs as with the 10 available its rare that I need to do anything drastic.

Oh Yeah make sure ID Norm is on then the TID will match no matter what frequency you run, make sure your updated to 5.21 as well.

Cheers Kieth

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