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Joined: 27 August 2016
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21 February 2019 05:20 pm

Howdy folks.

New QED owner and a reader of all things QED for a few weeks.

Been detecting for 3 years and have owned a GPZ 7000 and an SDC 2300, added a Gold Monster and then added an Equinox. A little background as to how I have ended up with a QED (and the Equinox).

Sold the SDC early on as realised that the GPZ will get things easily as small as the SDC but also a lot deeper. And it will get the real deep, big stuff also.

The Gold Monster was just for a bit of fun and something for family and friends to use if they came out. It worked well but when I got the Equinox I soon realised the Equinox was just as capable on small gold and far more versatile across many more uses (coins, jewellery, beach, etc). The Equinox really is a fantastic, light weight detector. Probably the one that I have enjoyed using the most.

The GPZ finally got sold with a few months warranty left on it as it just wasn’t getting used enough to justify $9,500 sitting in the cupboard.

But I still wanted something that I could use when I did get the time to get out, something lighter than the GPZ and something at a much more sensible price. I am on a couple of forums that JR Beatty and Reg Wilson frequent and if experienced blokes like those 2 felt the QED was capable then it seemed worth a try.

I received the QED on Monday. Purchased through Maldon Gold Centre but it is a Detech package put together by Stinky Pete at Detech with an 11” Ultra Sensing Coil.

I have obviously got weak from swinging the Equinox (1.34 KG) as I was expecting the QED to feel a bit lighter although it is only 2.15 kg itself. Nothing compared to swinging the GPZ though (3.32 kg).

Everything charged up and have had the last 2 days off to play. Having read lots on AEGPF and never having used a GP/GPX series or a Garret, etc, P.I. machine I felt that I might have things a little easier in that I wouldn’t have to unlearn old thinking and start again. This was sort of the case…

Day 1 – about 4 hours total at 2 different locations that I have found small gold (up to 1 gram) and have flogged pretty well with the GPZ, SDC and Gold Monster. Considering this I was not expecting to find any targets at all.

For the life of me I could not get a steady threshold, the EMI seemed all over the place, ground balance was hard to get right, I was ground balancing often and I did “Factory Default” about 8 times for the day just to re-start things from afresh. Tried different modes, different THS A, THS B – nothing helped! I did find 1 larger than average shot gun pellet but that was it. It was an ordinary day.

I was using the supplied speaker with the supplied cable for my audio. In terms of ergonomics and catching on things I’m sorry to say but it is poor. It is only a matter of time before the 6.5mm to 2.5 mm adaptor sticking out of the battery box gets caught on something and bends/breaks.

Came home last night a little frustrated but knowing that there must be something that can be changed to improve the situation. A little more reading on AEGPF last night.

Day 2 – Went back to spot number 2 that I had gone yesterday. Started the machine up with a ‘Factory Default’ and set it up in what I hoped was the right fashion. Same thing as yesterday…bugger! Persevered for 10 minutes and turned the speaker off, unplugged it and directly plugged in some Philips sports earbuds that I originally purchased to run off the WM-12 of the GPZ.

WELL!!! The difference was chalk and cheese! A steady threshold, a ground balance that was easy to identify and it held. I turned the THS A down 5 notches and the THS B also down 1 notch and the QED purred along.

In the same place that I had found almost nothing yesterday I found what you can see in the photo. Some on the surface and some at depth. Deepest target was a nail at approx 7-8 inches. The GPZ absolutely loved lead shot so I was very surprised to find any of that. And if I am finding lead shot I am confident that it will find gold if the coil passes over.

Audio – whatever your personal desire it’s obvious the QED needs quality audio. Personally I hate being tethered to a detector and will soon change to wireless.

Some of the smaller shot close to the coil gave what you might call a usual ‘sound response’ – a little ‘wheee’ as the coil passed over. I have seen comments on AEGPF about the pitch change and the volume change on targets. I found this on the deeper targets. As the coil edge hit the target there was a slight raise in volume, but then a change in pitch that dipped below threshold and then volume returned at the other edge of the coil. All easily heard with the wired ear buds in.

Performance – apart from the SDC this is the first time I have used a PI machine. The SDC was fool proof but also ungainly and limited in its versatility. The QED has shown me that it will find small lead shot and will find it going over the same ground that other, more expensive machines, have covered pretty thoroughly. I don’t feel that this makes the QED particularly better as all machines miss some targets, but it obviously has a point of difference and should be more than capable at finding small gold. Although, this is not the purpose for which I have bought a QED.

I did have some issues with a patch of ground that was compacted white clay. Was signalling off across much of it although they were broader signals that were not responding like a specific target. Once dug and broken up the signal dissipated. Due to it having such variability it was hard to Ground Balance that particular spot but that might come with practice and adaption.

With the audio issue under control I am happy with performance so far and am keen to use a variety of coils that some friends have to see what will work well, play with different modes, etc.



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22 March 2019 12:46 pm

How is it going Northeast? have you found any yellow with the QED yet?


Joined: 27 August 2016
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23 March 2019 01:00 am

Hi Roddosnow.

Very little time to use it so far - maybe put in 10 hours all up.

Have got the Quest wireless setup from PhaseTech and it works a treat, just as Reg said it would wink

Also got a 20” nugget finder advantage and a Sadie coil off PT and have made sure they work and put in about 2 hours with the 20”.

Found some nice lead targets at a bit of depth with it and a few shallow targets as well.

I’m doing a lot of playing around with what mode to use, ground balance settings, trying a high or low Threshold B before digging a signal, trying the 4 GB points up or down to determine if something is hit ground or a target, etc.

The big NF coil feels beautifully weighted on the QED. Actually feels lighter than the 11” Detech although it isn’t.

Rather than ‘having trouble with’ I am perhaps not working out how to increase gain. Anything above 2 on any coil and I’m getting quite a bit of EMI.

It is certainly different to any other detector I’ve used so there is a lot more to learn but so far I have been surprised by a few finds I have had in places there should not have been many, if any, lead targets left.

The fact that I haven’t been able to get out much and use a new toy just reinforces the fact of why I sold the Z. And so far the QED has shown it is a capable machine at a reasonable price point.

I need to do a lot more testing before I come out and say “I love it” and there are pros and cons but I do have 2 days off this coming week. I would like to think I can get another 10 hrs in.

Getting the wireless system has been the biggest bonus. Being wired was putting me off using it!

Will certainly report more when I am confident in what I am reporting thumbsup

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Joined: 27 August 2016
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01 April 2019 11:13 pm

So, I've had a bit more of a play.

I mentioned I had 2 days off last week. Never happened. 10 hours to work it out? HA!!! Got about 2 hours Saturday and another 2 hours yesterday. But it's better than nothing.

I still haven't found any gold but I am going back over small areas of ground that have seen most of my previous detectors and lord knows how many detectors of other people.

So what have I learn't?

I really like the 20" Nugget Finder Advantage perfect Good coverage, light, doesn't pick up lead shot, runs nicely with the QED. I do struggle to get above 2 Gain but I suppose the big coil is a big antenna and a high Gain will just accentuate that. I recognise that missing lead shot means missing small gold. It is missing lead shot but it is banging on .22 projectile's. So if am getting a lot of the 1-2 gram plus pieces I will live with missing a couple of sub gram pieces and also not having to dig hundreds of lead shot. It is a trade off but one I am happy to make.

Ground Balance - I've never had a machine that hasn't had Tracking. Previous units were an initial ground balance and then leave it in Tracking if you preferred (I always preferred smile ). Manual Ground Balance and re-balance when necessary is the only option with the QED. Surprisingly, I like it! I've also read the recent thread about Ground Balancing the GPX and how many have stated they prefer leaving it in manual as they get to hear when the ground changes. The QED is the same. And I will be honest, I was never in tune to these changes when using the GPZ in tracking. Will it make a difference to my success? Maybe, maybe not.

Hot ground - I suppose this follows on from Ground Balance. A couple of the spots I have swung over have some real hard packed, white clay type stuff that once broken up is also a little powdery. The QED has sounded off a bit on these with both the 20" NF and the Detech 11" Ultra Sensing. One spot yesterday had this stuff and once the hole was dug there was also a clump of a red , mineralised material in it. Very much sounded like a nice target but once the hole was dug and the material broken up it all just dissipated into broad, irregular, quieter signals. I read of lots of people digging ground noise with PI's so I guess this is no different.

The one thing I have tried with almost every target the last few days is the 'moving the Ground Balance number up or down 4 places and seeing what the signal does'. Reg has mentioned this before.
So far I have only had 1 signal where this has actually not worked and it was the white stuff with the red centre that I mentioned above - I had to move it 10 places down before it disappeared. Every other target that has maintained a signal has been an actual target and every target that has disappeared has ended up being ground noise. Generally when the ground balance number has been moved down 4 spots, the ground noise signal has disappeared. I think Howard (inventor) has mentioned in his videos to move it up or down depending on the pitch of the signal. I have just done it both ways to see what happens. And yes, I have dug every signal that I have tried this on because I did not trust it in any way lol

Mode - I have been running it on 15 with the 20". Why? Mainly because the manual says that larger coils generally require a higher Mode (8-15). It has run nicely on 15 so have mostly left it there. Need to experiment more with other modes though.

Previously left it on Mode 3 with the Detech 11". I'm guessing I might be able to get Mode down to 1 with the Sadie but other than attaching the Sadie and making sure it worked I haven't used it.

THS B - This is an interesting little setting. I'm not particularly confident with leaving it at the Null point. Considering I'm using the large coil, the high Mode and searching for bigger targets using the higher area of the THS-B seemed like the go. Tested various signals before digging them seeing if I might be able to work out the size of the target depending on their response to either a high, low or null THS-B. This sort of worked but more interestingly this is what led me to not having confidence in the Null point.
The last 2 days with the 20" I have found the best THS-B to be at 53 on the higher end and 40 on the lower end. The response would change at either point depending on the size of the target but I always got a response. But, when slowly moving through the THS-B numbers and swinging over the target around the Null point the target would either be very quiet, just break through the threshold or not make any noise at all. So, the higher end is my preferred due to the targets I am seeking, the lower end is also fine but I will be staying away from the Null. I read that others do run at the Null point and perhaps it is their other settings that can allow for this. Or different coils, I'm not sure.

Setting the THS-B at the higher end it is quite easy to find the sweet spot. At 51 the threshold was fading in and out, 52 was OK but not quite steady enough, 53 was spot on. Heading on to 54, 55, 56 just made the threshold steadier and louder but of course that is no good on a faint target as it can't breakthrough to register a noise.

THS-A - I'm not sure if this is just a volume control because it does also help to steady up the threshold more so than just make it louder. 60 was the happy setting over the last few days.

Audio - This is not a setting, just my observations. The sound the detector makes is quite different to the Minelabs. This is neither better nor worse, just different. The Quest Wireless kit I got from PhaseTech is working a treat. And the volume control they provide has also been really handy as I haven't had to turn the THS-A right up. I can just get a nice threshold with the THS-A and then let the Quest volume do the rest.

EMI - Last Wednesday I did get about 1.5 hrs in the morning to use the QED too. EMI was horrible. Factory defaulted several times. Nothing I did made any difference. I've never really had this trouble at these locations. Saturday I factory defaulted again right from the start and it was perfect all day at the exact same spot. Sunday I left it on those settings and it was perfect again. Now I have no idea if it was something I was doing wrong on the Wednesday or it was just a bad EMI day.

Gain - This is perhaps the only setting that is making me scratch my head. I just can't get the gain above 2 or the EMI kicks in - with both the 20" and the 11". At a setting of 7 yesterday the audio just went into a constant, loud, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. And yet I read of others using Gain at 5, 6, 7 or whatever. It will be interesting to see what I can get up to with the Sadie being a much smaller coil and hopefully coping better with EMI.

Whilst typing I am thinking that I will also have to ensure I try raising Gain whilst holding the coil off the ground - I think I have just been resting the coil on the ground. Maybe the loud BRRRRR noise is ground mineralisation?

Hot rocks - I have not got a single hot rock as yet. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing neutral

And that is it so far. Lots of words and possibly haven't told anyone much lol

Lots more testing to do. With real, in the ground, before they are dug targets. Air tests and planted targets give me the shats!

It's just a shame that some of these targets haven't been gold.

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02 April 2019 09:59 pm

Those running higher gain might also be running Ths B in the null, and using the higher gain to pick up the signal that you were missing. I found running it just under the null point and using gain and volume to bring the signal up. If you go too far with Ths B in either direction it will give a constant loud hum, maybe this is what you are hearing?
I think also the higher the volume setting the smaller the Ths B range gets before you go too far in either direction and it will hum.

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02 April 2019 10:17 pm

Hi Jarrod.

I was thinking the same thing about using the Null point and then being able to increase gain. It seems there are a few different methods to reach the same result.

The constant hum thing - I had taken the THS-B and THS-A to just a steady, consistent threshold. But when Gain was upped it made that threshold ‘wavery’ to about setting 6 and then at 7 it was a completely different noise that just overtook the threshold.

I don’t think there is an issue with it, I just think that with the other settings I was using, the location I’m in and the big coil a low Gain is all that can be achieved.

I did run the Sadie today for about 2 hours and it pinged along nicely. The lead shot certainly made a return lol

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Ded Driver
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02 April 2019 11:28 pm

quiet an essay you've written up Northeast, & a good read.
I don't have a QED but am curious about them & am enjoying reading your evolving story.
keep up the good work thumbsup

APLA member, ML GPX 4000, ML SD2100, ML Xterra 705 Dual Pack, ML GM1000, sP01 Enhancer, Garmin GPSMAP 64S, kti PLB, a map, all sorts of coils & a cupla buckets full of hope & enthusiasm

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Reg Wilson
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06 April 2019 10:57 am

Well Northeast, you do seem to be getting the hang of the QED quite well, and I know that as you become more familiar with it the more you will like it. It is not really a 'switch on and go' machine, but a detector for those who can adapt to a different concept, or like Jarrod take it on as their first machine and therefore have no entrenched ideas of how to use and tune it in a manner to which they had previously been accustomed.
Getting a balance between the settings sometimes involves a compromise if EMI is strong or the ground is difficult. I have found that the newer wound coils can be noisier and perplexing in these conditions, requiring lower gain and higher mode, but little is lost in penetration by tuning down a bit. Your option is to favor a bundle wound coil in trying situations.
With more experience you will find that tuning becomes second nature as familiarity builds confidence, and your tuning will therefore take less time.
Well done on having the self confidence to master this great all Aussie detector. May it bring you the rewards you deserve.

Walmer Central Victoria
Began detecting 1979 Best colour 3Kgs Best patch 340 ozs.

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06 April 2019 11:29 am

Thanks Reg.

I am perhaps making the QED sound more difficult than it really is. For basic operation it is fairly straight forward to set up.

However, the ground I am currently going over I know I am going to have to squeeze that top 10% out of the QED and doing that means learning more about the fine tuning and nuances of the QED and the coils I have currently matched it with.

The reason I need that last 10% is I know this is ground that has seen lots of GPX's and my own SDC and GPZ.

I'm not necessarily 'glad' that I have never had a GPX myself but I do think not having had one has made learning the QED much easier - no entrenched ideas as you say.

Work, kids footy and life in general are keeping me busy but I will get across at some stage to say g'day thumbsup

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