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From: Batemans Bay, NSW
Joined: 12 April 2017
Posts: 585
14 March 2019 04:36 pm

Hi Folks,

Took the 5000 out for a swing on Tuesday and started to get some weird stuff happening. The machine was running nicely but when any target was being recovered in the scoop, the machine would go berko and sound off as if there was a horse shoe under the coil. The noise would continue even after the target was removed. Thought to myself “that’s just what I need”. My SDC is at the doctors at the moment getting some TLC and the thought of having no play toys was quite frustrating. Anyway, I decided to ring the techno at Minelab to see how the blue Hoover was progressing and see if he could give me some advice as to what the problem may be. After explaining the issue he asked two questions:
“Do you run a booster?” My answer was “yes”
“Do you run your volume and target volume quite high?” Again my answer was “yes” He then explained that I was probably getting a feedback loop that was sending the machine off it’s head. He suggested that high volume and target volume settings combined with a booster could cause the problem. (A bit like that annoying feedback you get on a microphone) I was pleased that I asked the question. It could have been an expensive service for no reason if the machine was sent away. After getting off the phone I went through everything that I’d done in my head. Why is this occurring now? This problem has never occurred before. Then it hit me. I recently made changes to my harness layout to fit all the crap that you should carry with you on a trip out west- (pick, scoop, water, PLB, phone, GPS, first aid kit, SP01, wireless receiver, UHF radio, speakers etc) I had to move the Enhancer to get everything to fit onto the belt. Made the mistake of locating it on the detector side of the harness. (Sometimes I worry about how slow I am.......) Anyway, the volume settings were reduced to factory and the SP01 was moved back to my left side. A quick trip yesterday had the machine running as smooth as silk. The only problem I have now is with the thing that swings the detector. I wonder if Minelab can provide me with some sort of plug in or even perform a brain transplant. Lol.

PS. A huge thankyou goes out to Minelab for their helpful advice. And while I’m at it, the techo’s Only had the machine for one day before they had the problem fixed and the machine back in the post. I’m quite impressed.



GPX 5000, SDC 2300, Equinox 800
Bullet and lead shot specialist.

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RM Outback
Joined: 10 March 2016
Posts: 3,637
14 March 2019 04:56 pm

thumbsup good tech tip clap clap


Ded Driver
From: West of the Border, WA
Joined: 27 May 2018
Posts: 1,085
14 March 2019 06:08 pm

nice one thumbsup

APLA member, GPX4000, SD2100 Modded, ML Xterra 705 Dual Pack, GM1000, sP01 Enhancer, Garmin GPSMAP 64S, kti PLB, a map, all sorts of coils & a cupla buckets full of hope & enthusiasm


From: Newcastle, NSW
Joined: 04 June 2014
Posts: 4,051
14 March 2019 07:05 pm

Glad to hear its all sorted now perfect
Sometimes its just so simple wink


Joined: 15 February 2017
Posts: 261
14 March 2019 08:49 pm

dont be like me an set my PLB off with my 7000 by accidently droping my harness on my seven 2 blokes coming out the scrub at me when i was middle bum f....k scared the shite out of me and felt like a goose with a very long neck when they explained what they doing there it i was mentally scared for days i know how u feel

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From: WoopWoop
Joined: 09 January 2018
Posts: 1,065
15 March 2019 09:54 am

Well sorted Les.


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