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Joined: 11 November 2018
Posts: 9
11 November 2018 04:57 pm

Hi I am new here.

I was wondering if there are any areas that have some-little amount of gems & fossils closer towards the border of Sydney.
From the Central Coast down to Sydney Airport. (An hour tops from those areas or areas in between.)
Preferably not too far from the train line.
I know most NSW gems & dinosaur fossils are located more towards the middle of Australia but just wondering if there are sections with less gems & fossils that are further from the centre.
Also if anyone could provide information like what rocks are usually found with certain gems, what type of environment they are in (like creeks, on dry land, near the ocean etc) and any other useful tips on finding gems & fossils.

Thanks in advance smile


Joined: 10 September 2018
Posts: 758
11 November 2018 05:05 pm

Hi Hannahchikka, try this idea. Fossicking Clubs are usually the best ones to join who will show you the best areas. They know all! smile

https://www.resourcesandgeoscience.nsw. … ing-in-nsw


The Australian bush - love it - take care of it.


Joined: 10 January 2019
Posts: 3
10 January 2019 08:38 pm

Hey Hannahchikka, I heard about a few places where you can find stuff like 1 hour from Sydney. But they south from Sydney.

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