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From: Byron Bay, NSW
Joined: 13 August 2014
Posts: 37
16 June 2015 06:04 pm

Hey guys, My names Rohin, im from Byron Bay, have been into prospecting for over a year now, though mind you the first 6 to 9 months i spent mainly dreaming about prospecting however in that time I did a heap of researching smile, found some great advise all over the world on gold and other minerals, how and where gold is formed etc..... Now a year on and i have managed to juggle time between family and work to hit the nearby fields around the Drake area in northern NSW, My first day out prospecting EUREKA!!!!!! found some small gold!!! Now I have all my equipment apart from a 4wd and PI detector, and am heading back out whenever time allows. What a great hobby!! and now my partner has the bug too, we have both joined our local Lapidary club and now hitting the gems and crystals too.

C U Guys online or in the creeks


Rohin OzzyDigga big_smile

Garrett AT Gold, Ricomax GC1038, Sluice, Pans, Sieves.


Joined: 24 March 2015
Posts: 3,065
17 June 2015 04:06 pm

Welcome to PA Rohin.


Possum Ck1
From: Bangalow, NSW
Joined: 21 July 2018
Posts: 15
09 November 2018 12:09 am

Hi Rohin,

Are you still in Byron mate? If so I am in your area, I'm looking for detecting and panning buddies. I should be heading out this weekend for a bit of a first attempt... Give us a shout if you are interested in hooking up..



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