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Joined: 03 October 2018
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06 November 2018 01:38 am

Our adventure is starting

I am not sure if I can post images as i'm pretty new here or say where I bought the Gold bug pro from but it was overseas. (can edit to say if admins say I can with an image confirming my price)
What finally persuaded me to buy from here though was the price and the fact I had some security from Paypal. I was skeptical at first because i saw a few bad reviews but I paid just $273.49 for it. I followed the tracking site closely each step off the way and it took 2 weeks to come and just missed out on the long weekend. sad

So it came today (monday 5th Nov) with both a 5" and 11" DD coils, the handle/host and 2 stems. So all I had to find was a 9v battery to get started.

Anyway the package came and My daughter filmed me opening it up and putting it together for about 20 minutes. We are going to make a few more videos on setting it up using the manual and later on some of the advice sourced from here. But my daughter and I had fun just scooting the 11" coil over her $5 ballarat gold and hearing the sounds.

The manual is 40 pages, so a lot of information to take in for a gold/ metal detector noob and it is aimed at the American market so will have try try find equivalent to test the target readouts.
But anyway back to reading that manual and trying to understand all the new terms.

Will keep in touch and post my videos when I get them ready.

Icarusvonlubey (Anthony)

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From: Central West NSW
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Today 06:24 pm

Hopefully it's genuine & not one of many fakes.

Everything we use comes from mining or farming.

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