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Joined: 02 October 2018
Posts: 126
11 October 2018 09:45 pm

Thought i better say hi. Names Josh and from the north west of tassie. Been into rocks for awhile now but recently got back into it. I collect anything but been enjoying panning for sapphires and topaz. Working out in the forestry has its perks coming across nice quartz crystals big_smile but working as diamond driller for 5 yrs i saw alot of different rock formations which is how my interest grew into prospecting. If anyone has some interesting spots in tassie for me to explore hit me up big_smile

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Joined: 10 September 2018
Posts: 758
12 October 2018 12:41 am

Hi Josh.
I'm sorry I don't know any Tassie sites to help you out, being from Vic, but if you go to the forum 'search' and type in 'Tassie' or similar, you might find some threads there to read what's been posted about it in the past.

Usually they'll tell you to 'research, research, research' on this forum. Dig into old newspapers and government mining reports online, to find out where they were mining in the old days (and currently), and try them out. You'll be amazed at the things you can learn that are available online about fossicking. I know I've learnt heaps!
And have you tried this? You might find more detailed information on that website if you look around there, and go to 'Trove' online, and search for old newspapers for those places too. Use keywords 'sapphires' and 'topaz' and see what it comes up with for you!
Good luck mate!

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Joined: 02 October 2018
Posts: 126
12 October 2018 05:17 am

Cheers Megsy. I've done a bit of research online and through old papers but i guess personally knowledge is better since alot of stuff doesn't get recorded. But i do like going through old records and reading into them. Hopefully next weekend when i try a new area it pays off

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Ben Digo
From: Rowville, VIC
Joined: 02 September 2018
Posts: 57
12 October 2018 08:23 am

Welcome to the forum Josh and best of luck with your hunting smile

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