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crowy gold
Joined: 29 November 2015
Posts: 18
11 October 2018 04:49 pm

Hi folks was wondering if many people had much luck for gold around diamond hill rd area Bendigo all I’ve found is a old button an plenty of bullets


From: S/E Melbourne, VIC
Joined: 11 September 2014
Posts: 1,119
11 October 2018 06:47 pm

If you're near the old diggings and you're finding bullets and buttons then not many others have detected there lately which is either a sign of not much gold in general area or you are in further than most venture. There's plenty of gully workings in that area so there must of been plenty of gold.

When I work in Bendigo (usually 2 days a month) I've been looking for an area with shallow enough ground to detect (not mullock heaps) and also be able to get access with my large work van which has been a challenge, from the little I've seen around Diamond Hill Rd there are plenty of gully diggings but the ground appears deep (10 + ft) so haven't really tried much detecting as yet but will test more ground next time there.

I'd say if you are finding bullets close enough to the workings then keep detecting, focus on moving rocks and old tree branches where others would detect around, look for flat areas on sloped ground as gold should settle there if in the area, think outside the square and take 10 mins to look at a spot and ask yourself the question "if there's still gold in this spot and others have already detected the area, where would it most likely be hiding?" This should make you stay focused on detecting the most likely places instead of going over where hundreds of other coils have passed.

I'm not sure if others will come forward and say "yep, I've found good gold there recently" so you just gotta do some research and a fair bit of foot work to suss out any likely spots, I personally think the area looks good if I can find the right spot for my coils, I'll still be putting in lots more ground work when I get the chance working up there and then hopefully I'll find the spot that looks the goods to me and get the detector fired up, still doesn't guarantee the gold is still there but my chances will be better than if I just started detecting any old diggings in that area for hours with nothing but pockets full of junk and vowing never to return playful

crowy, I hope someone does confirm there's good gold as it'll get you excited and save me lots more hours of leg work thumbsup

Minelab GPX4500/sP01/NF coils. GM 1000. Nox 600.
Whites GMZ.

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crowy gold
Joined: 29 November 2015
Posts: 18
11 October 2018 08:18 pm

Hi there Pete I’m only new to Bendigo an detecting but panned since a kid as I’m from Yarra Valley so sorta got a bit of a idea .Brought a second hand sd 2100 from Bendigo miners den last year when I’d visit the shop they would ask how I was doing told them where I’d been they told me to try diamond hill area after finding the button I feel positive about the area I guess it’s all about being persistent

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Pirate pete
Joined: 06 July 2015
Posts: 427
11 October 2018 08:28 pm

look up Bendigo Prospecting club there is a meeting tomorrow night and Saturday out to Inglewood for a swing you would be most welcome there and a good bunch of guys and gals who will help you as much as pos .PP

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