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Joined: 30 September 2018
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06 October 2018 02:57 pm

Hello Dirt diggers and Electromagnetism mavericks, please look upon this image of a bell shaped Brass dongle found in Victorian central highlands, on the alleged site of Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe.
Suspected as being the lost part of a set of Weights, my specific question is about the markings on the left. Can they be an indication of the year the weight was issued? The opposing side has the vic+crown stamp duplicated on both sides.1538797597_82249188-9559-4cf2-a2dc-a4c4f6432685.jpg
Thanking the think tank in advance,

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From: Perth, WA
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06 October 2018 08:39 pm

If you have a look at this earlier thread on the same topic, there's some info relevant to your find: … p?id=26704

You may also find an earlier date on the base of your weight.

Where it is, there it is.

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