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From: Robinvale northern Victoria
Joined: 30 July 2018
Posts: 63
28 September 2018 05:47 pm

Hi Everyone.

I find it all bloody confusing as to where you can and can't detect.
Different rules for different councils, different states, gold can be detected in some parks others have areas only. And so on and so on at least with the gold, I can access maps that give me a reference to where I can go, but as for councils?
I hate confrontation so like to try my best to follow the rules and make everyone happy but it is hard.
When you go on holidays you never know where you can and can't go and would spend most of your holiday trying to find out if you had to chase up each council.
If only the rules were straightforward, does every council have an online version of all rules and regulations within there area or do you need to contact each one individually to find out, is there a list of parks, recreation reserves etc you can cant detect?
I can see with the influx of recreational detectorists that we are fast becoming unwanted in many locations and it is a known fact that they are trying to close down more areas.
Things are going to come to a head and we will end up having only private land with permission for our detecting or private owners may start up a pay per day option for there land.
What does everyone else do/think.

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Repairs + X-pointers
From: 4030, QLD
Joined: 31 August 2014
Posts: 1,062
Repairs + X-pointers
28 September 2018 05:58 pm

KISS - No permission, no dig

Beaches - in general yes

Designated Fossicking areas - Yes

All council parks Australia wide, are covered by regs regarding the disturbance of grasses and soils = NO digging You can swing a detector, but it is the recovery that gets you into strife.

No laws about detecting and swinging a detector in general does no harm.. Not a problem. But ask about digging holes etc and you will get told...

Then toss in lots of get rich quick and people that make assumptions and use big shovels / picks and other tools and leave a mess = More and more places being more tightly governed and shut down...

I only do Beaches and Private permissions - can not afford the fines and have already had formal warnings....

Hence i only swing once every month or so OR at official club outings...

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Gem in I
Joined: 11 June 2016
Posts: 401
28 September 2018 06:32 pm

I hear you DT adds to the complex research already but at least we can obtain that info as opposed to tribal chiefs in other countries when it might be too late if you didn't know the regs already.

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From: Rockhampton, QLD
Joined: 14 July 2014
Posts: 167
28 September 2018 06:38 pm

Each state has its own regulations and many councils have their own as well, to say the least it can be daunting to newcomers and probably one of the big reasons why more people don't share our hobby.

Much of the information available is either confusing or contradictory and much of what you need to know can be hard to find. I know 'some' areas provide maps, but if you get a fossicking licence then you should be provided with a map/s either on paper or an online link that shows you what areas are open access, which require permission and which are no go. Even among members on this site, there are many conversations about what/where is or isn't allowed.

Unfortunately a lot of people doing the wrong thing are completely unaware of the rules and regulations. After all there is no test, you simply need to go online to buy a license(if they even bother with that) and given people rarely read terms and conditions these days, why would you expect them to read or remember the rules.

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Smoky bandit
Joined: 05 April 2016
Posts: 4,369
28 September 2018 07:31 pm

Go at 3am like I do ..home by 7am ..Leave no sign you've been problem..No questions... thumbsup

No pain No gain..

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mudgee hunter
Joined: 02 January 2017
Posts: 1,477
28 September 2018 08:00 pm

The removal of "bush rock" I beleive was introduced back in the 80's, as a trend got out of hand with
People wanting it to landscape the homes with. Truck loads of bush rock where being taken, bought and sold off. And basically had nothing to do with us prospectors!
but there are clauses in rules and regs of their protection.
I seem to recall a law stating you cant move a rock over 50kgs..
(Feel free to correct me, nsw)
Many threads have been written.
Check out ouŕ rules and regulations posts.
Suss it all it all before you get yourself into strife if in doubt.
Every state and territory vary hey.

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Repairs + X-pointers
From: 4030, QLD
Joined: 31 August 2014
Posts: 1,062
Repairs + X-pointers
28 September 2018 08:31 pm

Same for Public parks; the regs are about disturbing / destruction of grasses and soil etc...

Was told that it came in many many years ago; to stop people form getting free garden materials from parks. Have seen the odd Ahole filling bags with bark chips and new plants... If it is not bolted down = expect to loose it.

Thus while no law AT THE MOMENT that covers Metal Detecting; the action of recovery of a target, is covered under the various sections and or sub sections... The section numbers may be different across Australia; but every council I have asked have responded same same same. Recovery requires actions that are not permitted.

Whilst no specific provision is contained within our local laws, under Local Law No X. Parks & Reserves (200X) Part X section XX: it is a prohibited activity to interfere with any turf, sand, clay, soil or other material. This stems from the objectives that this local law aims to protect the environment and facilities of parks and reserves and to preserve their amenity.


I have done the odd park after a social event ( some time ago), but did not carry even a screwdriver; I had an old set of car keys :-) So surface finds or a shallow pic and flick using the keys... But it was not enjoyable, so stopped doing parks altogether.

Best find - The Wife # Equipment - X-Pointer x 4, Nokta Fors Gold Plus, Excalibur II, CTX3030 and a Minore III with custom wood - and lots of other stuff

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From: Central Coast, NSW
Joined: 21 February 2018
Posts: 569
28 September 2018 10:36 pm

Have emailed an called my local council so many times with zero response or they have not got a clue on the phone
I took that as permission but still have only sneaked in a couple of early AM swings

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From: Nowra, NSW
Joined: 26 July 2016
Posts: 6,999
28 September 2018 10:40 pm

i have just gone in and done it
if they dont want me there i am sure someone will tell me
i am lucky the council here dont even knows what goes on in their own building not to mention the town
i have spoken to some of the rangers here and they have no idea

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