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From: Up Ship Creek
Joined: 12 April 2018
Posts: 977
14 September 2018 09:51 pm

hi ho Silver party rainbow party

it only takes one to make the day brighter sunny sunny cool

.......................Such is life, Bucket list coin 1964 Rams Head.........................
Oldest Copper coin 1799 left seated half penny, Oldest Silver 1834 Shilling

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Secret Squirrels
From: Yorke Peninsula, SA
Joined: 12 July 2016
Posts: 802
15 September 2018 12:20 am

Hey old man, you forgot to mention you had to stay out for two days to get it though. playful playful devil Nah just playing mate, flowers Glad ya didn't let the team down smile good hunting Silver. clap

GPX 4500/SD 2000/FT 1600/Xterra 505/Equinox 800/Pro Find Pinpointer

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Joined: 19 December 2013
Posts: 14,119
15 September 2018 12:30 am

Was a tough gig this time fellas... that's for sure !
Did I mention dodging the canine marshmallows too... lucky to get home with clean boots yikes
poop × 100

What a great day ! ,... " I'll see you in the field ".

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Joined: 30 May 2018
Posts: 398
15 September 2018 08:12 am

Nice day saver! Don't see many 1950 coins show up. perfect

Prospecting must be like fishing, the big one keeps getting away!

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