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From: Esperance, WA
Joined: 25 June 2017
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14 September 2018 06:18 pm

Just a few mods on the camper done today. I have pulled the water tank out as I now have a stone guard made up for it and hopefully I can get it fitted back in tomorrow. I also added a hose point and some ball valves so I can isolate the water tank and draw water from any water source now. It should work ok as it will allow me to use my water tank for drinking water only now.


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From: lake mac , NSW
Joined: 07 July 2015
Posts: 2,612
14 September 2018 06:22 pm

Mate that looks pretty neet ..
I like the hose and couplings you used as well.. nice work .. perfect

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Joined: 08 November 2014
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14 September 2018 07:52 pm

That top photo bud, you dont want a hose hanging off that by the looks????
Make up a 'sacrificial' hose link??

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From: Esperance, WA
Joined: 25 June 2017
Posts: 1,036
15 September 2018 09:08 pm

Tank back in with stone guard. With the top photo I will be installing a flat bar between the frame of the camper to prevent the guard from sagging when the rank is full.

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Gone Walkabout
Joined: 01 April 2016
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Gone Walkabout
16 September 2018 06:18 am

Bloke have you used packer / insulators between tank and guard box ? Any movement between the box and tank and the corrugations will play havoc with it. Also seal the box to trailer body and hose outlets as if any stones find their way in they will eventually puncture tank, as they will become lodged between tank and guard and the weight will do the rest. Use metal clamps and tech screws to secure piping as the rocks etc will chop up the cable ties.
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