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From: Goulburn, NSW
Joined: 27 January 2013
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03 September 2018 10:26 am

So, daughter and boyfriend have been watching Detectorists, and enjoying it very much.

They came over on Saturday for a steak and Karaoke at the pub, and asked me to take them detecting.

I decided to go to a large patch of crown land on the edge of town, as it had been recently mowed and the grass was relatively short, particularly after a cold and dry winter.

I've been wanting to check it out for a while, as it would have had some activity over around 150 years.

It turned out not to be a good place to take an absolute beginner, as there was trash everywhere. It would not help that the area gets flooded from time to time.

Kevin found a toy truck and was very happy with his find!

We also found a range of old cans, crown seals, old aluminium bottle tops and so on. I think the area is worth some more systematic attention.

However, the point of the story is the impressive depth I am finding the Multi-Kruzer has.

As an example, this bit of aluminium foil at around 9 inches.

It had a pretty good repeatable signal, forget what the TID was, but think it was in the early 60's.

I had to dig through a layer of slate which I expect was an old path. Slate was a common building material in Goulburn in the 19th C.

Here is the foil sitting on the digger.


Here is a pic of the hole it came out of....


And the digger in the hole ... the perspective is a bit deceiving, the ground level is about half way up the handle.


I was running in 3 tone mode with sensitivity set to 90.

I have also found it detects deep small targets around my very trashy backyard - the most recent being a Dutch Guilder at around 7.5"

Looking forward to giving more attention to mining camps like the one I found the cricket buckle at.

High banker, sluice, pans sieves &etc. Makro Multi Kruzer, Deteknix Xpointer Pro. NAPFA member.

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Phase Technical
From: Adelaide, SA
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Phase Technical
13 September 2018 12:58 pm

Good stuff. If you want even more depth hunt in 2 Tone. As 2 Tone is tone modulated, deep targets will sound pretty mellow with barely any tone change, and you will unlikely get an ID. All I do in this instance is flick it into 4 Tone as a temporary target check.

The above admittedly works better in less trashy areas, as 2-Tone doesn't quite have the recovery of 3 Tone mode.

Speaking of depth, I was recently demo'ing a few machines at the beach. We buried a $1 coin at about 12-13". All units were detecting it. This was up away from the water line, but sand was still damp.

We then tested out some different targets, gold and less conductive coins and in the process had been walking all over where the $1 was buried. When I went to recover it, I couldn't find it! All 3 units tried, and I even smoothed the sand out. I then grabbed the Multi Kruzer again, in 14 kHz and Gen (all-metal) mode. Within 3 sweeps I got a very faint but repeatable change in threshold. A small scrape of sand with my shoe and yep sure enough there it is. So a little win for the Multi Kruzer that day wink

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