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Joined: 25 July 2018
Posts: 34
26 July 2018 10:07 pm

Hi Folks. I am a motorcycle rider and i purchased the Garmin Inreach last year. Thought it worth a review... cost around $750

First of all as a personal safety device it is excellent.

It is NOT a great GPS, My favourite GPS is a Garmin Montana (Bike) or Garmin GPS 64ST (handheld) ... both of these connect with Garmin Base Camp, the Inreach DOES NOT

But where this thing excels is as a PLB and satellite communication, Personal Tracking and "Back to Camp" directions

I am a regular traveller so i paid $39 to register on the immersat system and $20 per month for the ability to send text messages via satellite. I can send and receive texts from anywhere in the world to anyone including emergency services if needed

It has a SOS function, exactly the same as any PLB or epirb device

It is paired with my mobile phone giving me a larger viewing screen for the maps and ability to text anyone on my contact list VIA SATELLITE FROM ANYWHERE... i only get 10 free texts. After that i begin to pay 75c per message both inbound and outbound.. cheap in an emergency... battery use is high in my phone when paired

The tracking function is awesome. My partner at home can check in on my location at any time. If i were to crash my bike she will see that i have stopped unexpectedly and can raise the alarm if i am unable

Emergency services can communicate with me via text. They can locate me and also see via tracking how i got i to my often remote location

It has a lithium battery that runs around 60 hours between charges and a carabiner to clip onto my harness. I keep it on my person at all times

Overall this is a great peace of mind and vital part of my kit. If it could pair with Garmin Base Camp it would be perfect.

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Joined: 08 November 2014
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26 July 2018 11:05 pm

Top post mate!

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Joined: 24 August 2018
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24 August 2018 05:11 pm

When your prospecting you can get all your gear on the bike?


Ded Driver
From: West of the Border, WA
Joined: 27 May 2018
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24 August 2018 05:52 pm

hey Nuggz that sounds like a good piece of kit. Shame it doesn't pair with Base Camp.
I use a Garmin GPS Map 64S & have now added a kti PLB (at my daughter & brothers insistence, I agree its good to have), but am now contemplating if this would have been better, or in combo.

APLA member, ML GPX 4000, ML SD2100, ML Xterra 705 Dual Pack, ML GM1000, sP01 Enhancer, Garmin GPSMAP 64S, kti PLB, a map, all sorts of coils & a cupla buckets full of hope & enthusiasm

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