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Joined: 16 June 2018
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16 June 2018 11:11 am

Appreciate if anyone could let me know if they found a pick. Short one bought from the gold trip with Mark and ronda hyde. Reward offered including beer.

Must have lost the plot after pulling about a kilo of lead shot and 22 shells for the day. Did have a J written on it.

And yes, I am going back through my GPS logs...... smile



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Panning - Slaty Ck lots but small, Detecting Leonora, more. Detecting Talbot. not much yet....


Joined: 10 January 2015
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16 June 2018 12:16 pm

Mine had my name embossed into the handle with a metal stamp - I left it as scale when photographing the anticline in the street in Castlemaine. Hasn't come back after 5 years.….

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